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We are experts in a product design, development, prototyping, and marketing.

Our team helps businesses achieve greater prosperity by providing product innovation expertise through unparalleled customer service.


Product Development

Our innovative approach to product development will help to put your ideas off the ground into the marketplace.

Concept Design

Have a new idea that the market desperately needs? Turn it into a concept that the market can understand.


Get a prototype of your idea quickly and within a reasonable budget by using our rapid prototyping service.

Technical Evaluation

With CAD, FEA and CFD tools our team can solve any product design and development related problem.

3D Printing

We can 3D print full-color objects in extremely high resolution using various types of materials.

Idea Evaluation

LA NPDT provides prior art searches, competition analysis, driven marketing research and more.

Web Development

Nowadays nothing exists until it’s on the web. Our team can establish or improve your online presence.


We empower companies and products with compelling and engaging marketing strategies that reach target audiences.

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