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We turn ideas into reality.

We at LA NPDT believe in enabling and growing businesses through product innovation.
Introducing new and improved products allows startup companies to launch and existing companies to gain competitive advantage, improve their market share, and add new revenue streams.


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Our mission is to execute YOUR vision.

We know how to listen.
Whether you are looking for a concept or a manufacturing-ready design, we are here to serve you at any and all stages of new product development.


What we do

Imagine you came up with an invention idea that could make someone’s life better while creating a business opportunity for you. Or if you had an idea of a product that would create a new revenue source for your company. How would you go about developing these ideas into real products? Where would you go or whom would you call? That’s where we come into play.

Our cross-functional product development team of engineers, designers, and marketing specialists brings technical expertise to the table. We provide product design, prototyping, manufacturing, and marketing services.


Concept Design

Convey new product’s design and functionality effectively through conceptual 3D CAD models and renderings.

Electronic Design

Rapidly design and prototype the electronic system of your product with our PCB design and fabrication capabilities.

Rapid Prototyping

Turn a computer model into a physical prototype you can interact with through our rapid prototyping services.

Design For Manufacturing

Is your product design optimized for performance and manufacturing? Our engineers can evaluate and improve it.

3D Printing

Order 3D printed parts online. We 3D print prototypes in high resolution out of plastic, resin, metal, and other materials.

Mobile App Development

Connect your products and engage your users with custom software and mobile applications.

Web Development

Use our website development services to establish or improve the online presence of your product or company.


Marketing a new product is hard. Get empowered with a strong marketing plan and compelling visual materials.

It's time to turn Your idea into reality!

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