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We turn business dreams into reality!

LA NPDT is a cross-functional team of talented engineers, designers, developers, makers, and entrepreneurs.

The Team helps to make business dreams a reality by providing a complete range of new product development services from product conceptualization and design to prototyping and marketing.


Product Development

Our innovative approach to product development will help to put your ideas off the ground into the marketplace.

Concept Design

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what about a 3D CAD model or a photo-realistic rendering? Get yours today!


Get a prototype of your idea quickly and within a reasonable budget by using our rapid prototyping service.

Technical Evaluation

With CAD, FEA and CFD tools our team can solve any product design and development related problem.

3D Printing

We can 3D print full-color objects in extremely high resolution using various types of materials.

Training Courses

Through our training courses you can enhance your skills and open a broader range of employment opportunities. 

Web Development

Nowadays nothing exists until it’s on the web. Our team can establish or improve your online presence.


We can assist marketing your products to the right audience through our analytic and highly effective service.

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Product Development Process Map Brochure by LA NPDT (Updated Version)

Product Development Process Map Brochure by LA NPDT (Updated Version)

10th May 2017

At LA NPDT, we turn your idea into a tangible product that benefits your bottom line. Our new product development process includes concept development, prototyping, testing, and product to market transition (commercialization). Our Scrum-based product development process is based on the cross-functional collaboration of our highly educated and trained multi-disciplinary team...Read More

Bootstrapping Basics

Bootstrapping Basics

21st April 2017

'Bootstrap' comes from the 19th century figure of speech, "to pull oneself over a fence by one's bootstraps" - an obviously challenging task. Nowadays, the term refers to getting into or our of a situation using existing resources. In the business world, it simply means starting a business without a lot of outside assistance. But how do you go about bootstrapping your business idea?Read More

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