3D scanning service by LA NPDT is the best 3d scanning service around. We also provide reverse engineering services and scan and 3D print service.

3D Scanning Services

3D scanning companies are always looking for new technologies to improve the services we offer our clients. One useful are our 3D scanning services. In contrast with 3D printing, which turns computer models into physical objects, 3D scanning allows us to turn physical objects into 3D models. A 3D scanner analyzes real-world objects or an environment and collects data regarding its shape and size. Through this process, we are better equipped to design, reverse engineer, prototype, and provide quality control for our clients.


3D scanning companies enable clients in the manufacturing industry to create CAD models for their design and replication. These models can also be used for molds, casting, and fixtures. Others use our scanning services to find and fix errors in their original designs, thereby saving thousands of dollars and precious man-hours.

Reverse Engineering Services

3D scanning makes it easy to reverse engineer any model. Our reverse engineering services can be used to precisely replicate any size model. It may also be used to design new parts and update your CAD model to reflect any changes on your shop floor or perhaps modernize your current design. Our reverse engineering services can help you move your current design to be ready for manufacturing.

Scan and 3D Print Service

Before you can begin printing your design, you first have to have a model available. Our scan and 3D print service can easily scan your object and provide a precise 3D model that is ideal for 3D printing. We can also use your original design and modify it should that be necessary. The goal of our scan and 3D print service is to provide you with a perfectly designed prototype that will move you to the next stage of production.

Quality Control

Prior to releasing your model to mass manufacturing, you can send it to us for proper quality control. We can scan your parts and compare their actual dimensions to those of a CAD model. Our quality control and metrology scanning give you peace of mind before moving to the next stage of your product development.

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Examples Of Our 3D Scanning Services

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