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7 Steps to an Effective Product Launch

7 steps to an effective product launch - article by LA NPDT, shreveport   At LA NPDT, we offer our customers in Shreveport product development among other services. While we strive to help our clients achieve a streamlined product launch, some product launches have us scratching our heads. The truth is, an effective product launch relies on experience, knowledge, and foresight. This should be the foundation of bringing any product to market. While hiring our Louisiana-based marketing team is a good place to start, there are several steps to a successful launch. These include the following.

#1. Begin Outreach Early

Start reaching out to media outlets 6-8 weeks before your official launch date. This gives reporters time to look over your information and see if it’s a product they want to advertise. Plan well in advance if you want to make this a reality. Send out press releases, contact local TV stations, and build a marketing plan that supports your goal of a successful launch. Bottom line: Don’t wait to get the ball rolling.

#2. Analyze Your Market

Rather than focusing on where or what your market’s audience is, ask yourself how you can contribute to it in a profound manner. Figure out what your audience wants, and use that to leverage your marketing efforts. If you’re going national, analyze the broader market and discover what they want to see and experience from your release.

#3. Create A Marketing Plan

Perhaps the most essential element in your launch—creating a marketing plan that outlines point A to point B of your start is crucial. Don’t wait until your product is completely finished to begin working on your marketing plan. When local clients hire us in Louisiana, for product design, we often recommend they have a marketing plan in place from the get-go. Figure out how you’ll maximize your reach and choose a few specific social media outlets to target your market. Develop marketing materials such as newsletters, landing pages, online campaigns and even traditional marketing efforts to get the word out about your product. Don’t hold back on pushing your product before it is 100% ready. Although this may be intimidating, it’s better to be late and have people waiting for your product, than early with a nonexistent audience.

#4. Target Influencers

Influencers are the key market to target your product to pre-launch. Find out who the major influencers are in your niche and reach out to them in a friendly approachable manner. Contact bloggers, prospects, or customers who have been receptive to your products in the past. These individuals help build an online presence for your product before it hits shelves. Ask them to review your product first-hand and provide real feedback. This can be highly valuable once your product is ready for sale.

#5. Build on Momentum

Remember that reporters won’t always have time to put your product front and center. Focus on building on the momentum you already have and continue to publish news announcements concerning the use of the product, customer reviews, etc. Don’t let any steam you had pre-launch to burn out. Keep building until you’re well on your way.

#6. Use Social Media to “Leak” it

Build anticipation via social media by leaking features of your product. Social media is incredibly powerful in developing awareness, and it’s notorious for breaking news stories and information about new products. Use social media to your advantage by ‘leaking’ photos of your product or sales pitches in your tweets. Use trending hashtags to make it all the more enticing.

#7. Be Patient

Product launches aren’t cut and dry. They require patience and lots of it. Don’t get disheartened if you don’t have a huge boom when your product comes out. Unless you’re Microsoft or Apple, chances are things will be relatively quiet right after your launch—despite how incredible your marketing efforts may have been. If you’re looking for marketing assistance, let us know. We’d love to be a part of your product launch.

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