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LA NPDT consists of experts in product design, development, prototyping, and marketing.

We at LA NPDT strongly believe in using collaboration, innovation, entrepreneurship and risk-taking to achieve consistent and effective results for our clients.

Our Story

LA NPDT Core Team

LA NPDT Core Team, June 2017

The United States attracts and nourishes driven, innovative and educated individuals who are ready to work hard to build the future. A country’s success is defined by the diversity of its people. The American Dream is what happens when the dreamers, doers, and risk-takers from around the globe come together and realize their ideas. Some of the greatest minds from companies including Google, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Tesla have come to this country at one point in time and created innovations that affect the lives of others on a global scale.

LA NPDT started its journey in 2011 when Konstantin Dolgan and Onega Ulanova moved to the United States from Kazakhstan with a dream to study in the U.S. Becoming graduate students in STEM field allowed them to meet passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated scientists and engineers who often had great ideas for new products. Unfortunately, not all of these ideas could make it to the market. After seeing numerous academic projects with high potential for commercialization tossed aside instead of being realized in the marketplace, Konstantin and Onega had a eureka moment. Leveraging their education in engineering, quality control, and marketing they became people who would help inventors and corporations bring their product ideas to life.

With the help of Louisiana Tech faculty and staff, in 2014 Konstantin and Onega created a student organization with the mission of developing new products, technologies, and web solutions for dedicated entrepreneurs with the end goal of commercialization. Within a year, the organization gained more than 40 members and consisted primarily of Louisiana Tech students and alumni. Members included a wide array of experts from fields including business, engineering, consulting, art, science and web development.


Later, Konstantin and Onega realized that to continue fostering the growth of their project, they needed additional experience and capital. After graduating from Louisiana Tech, both partners moved to Bossier City and accepted positions in industry. Onega started working as a Quality Management Systems Auditor for the American Petroleum Institute (API), while Konstantin accepted a position as an R&D Engineer at Pumpworks 610, a division of DXP Enterprises. After several years of working in the industry, Konstantin and Onega were ready to launch their own business. LA New Product Development Team LLC opened its doors on September 26, 2016.


Through the LA New Product Development Team, we help those from all backgrounds including leaders, inventors, big dreamers, innovators and product developers change the world by generating new values and making a difference.

LA NPDT will help you breathe life into your projects and ideas through several steps including:

Identifying the potential market for your invention ideas and technologies

Identifying the potential market for your invention ideas and technologies

Developing prototypes to prove the concept

Developing prototypes to prove the concept

Building business and strategic plans to define the vision clearly

Building business and strategic plans to define the vision clearly

Promoting invention ideas and commercializing technologies

Promoting invention ideas and commercializing technologies

Our professional involvement

Every day, we are surprised and grateful for the wide array of different projects that we help develop. With energy and passion, we work to help bring the creativity and vision of our clients to life. We are the first one-stop shop for inventors and entrepreneurs in our area. We provide a complete range of new product development services from product conceptualization and design to prototyping and marketing.

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Media and Testimonials

Throughout the years, LA New Product Development Team was featured in several media outlets including local TV stations, newspapers, websites, and magazines.

LA NPDT was called “an impressive group that embodies the best of Louisiana Spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship”, an “excellent example of student initiative”, and a “well organized and highly professional team of innovators” by experts in such industries as product development, technology commercialization, and economic development.


We look forward to turning your dream into reality!

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