Converting Air into Aid: The AtmoSpark Journey

Atmospark's BluElement: Transforming Humidity into Potable Water On and Off the Shore

Our partnership with AtmoSpark began with a shared vision of addressing global water scarcity. This ambitious startup, fresh from their stint in the National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) Program, sought to provide clean drinking water to developing nations, remote areas, and disaster-hit regions through atmospheric water generation. Their innovative concept attracted an unforeseen clientele—sailors, racers, and boaters—who found tremendous value in AtmoSpark’s BluElement watermaker.

Charged with designing and prototyping an enclosure for the BluElement system, our LA New Product Development Team faced several challenges. We had to house intricate electronic components securely, withstand various environmental conditions, and ensure portability and user-friendliness—all while minimizing production costs and meeting regulatory standards. To add to this, we had to deliver within a tight timeframe.

Through our collaboration with AtmoSpark and their electronics engineers, we were able to devise an effective solution. The optimal layout of the enclosure ensured optimal system performance and an enhanced user experience. Our cutting-edge prototyping equipment facilitated the swift design, development, and production of a fully-functional mechanical and electro-mechanical prototype in less than a month.

BluElement, the fruit of our collaboration, generates potable water from atmospheric humidity, negating the need for water lines, sea-water pumping, or bulky and wasteful water bottles. This puts water control into the hands of its users, be they afloat in the middle of the ocean or located in a water-scarce region.

AtmoSpark’s BluElement, a product born from a college class project, has made significant strides.

It addresses the needs of individuals in water-scarce areas while simultaneously catering to the convenience of boaters and RVers. 

Our collaboration helped transform their field-tested prototype into a product ready for customers, investors, and mass production.

We’re honored to have played a role in AtmoSpark’s journey, witnessing first-hand how the I-Corps program trains an entrepreneurial workforce, translates technologies, enables positive economic impact, and nurtures an innovation ecosystem.

customer testimonial

“Collaborating with LA NPDT was pivotal. Their technical prowess transformed our vision into a tangible, life-changing product. The team goes above and beyond to get the job done to the best of their abilities. Their dedication, professionalism, and expertise have been invaluable in bringing the BluElement to life. I’d highly recommend them to companies and founders seeking expert guidance and execution for their idea or concept development.”

Founder of AtmoSpark

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