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Best of CES – Technology for 2020

Every January, tech companies from around the globe converge on Las Vegas for the biggest, baddest tech show of the year. CES (The Consumer Electronics Show) brings together over 4,500 different companies, allowing them to showcase their hottest new products. It’s the show where everything is acceptable and the boundaries of innovation are pushed to the max. Since its beginnings in 1967, CES has been the revealing for a host of products you are familiar with, including the VCR, CD player, HDTV, Blu-ray DVDs, tablets, and 3D printers. 

CES is the largest technology show in the world, displaying a variety of innovative consumer technology. Besides the showroom floor, the conference has keynote speakers, conference sessions, and SuperSessions available for attendees. Many companies are exhibitors and sponsors of the event, as well as having people in attendance. Other companies choose to send a representative to attend, and of course, the media is always welcome with the proper registration and credentials. The show; however, is not open to everyone, and you must be involved with the Consumer Technology industry. 

Organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), CES is the proving ground for startup companies and large corporations alike. The show is about ideas and execution of those ideas and it isn’t always the large conglomerates that have the best products at the show. With over 180,000 attendees, the show promises something for everyone. This years’ products included innovations in the following categories:

● 3D Printing
● Artificial Intelligence
● Audio/High-End/High Performance
● Cyber Security and Privacy
● Drones
● Fitness and Digital Health

● Gaming
● Lifestyle (Family, Beauty, Pet)
● Robotics
● Self-driving vehicles and other Vehicle Technology
● Smart Home
● Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
● Wearable Technology

And this is only the beginning of the list. The weeklong show had some fun and creative products, as well as some products that solved real world problems. Each year at the show, awards are prized in different categories, including the Best of Innovation award in each category, as well as one or more Innovation Honorees. Companies can enter their products into one or more categories, but the awards are handed out based on strict criteria, and not every product will receive these awards.

Products showcased at this show are often unique, and sometimes a bit outrageous. Living in the digital world we are in, software and hardware are blending to become one in the product, and most of the products recognized during the show had both components. The products give us the means to become more healthy, productive and happy. Here are some of our favorites from this years’ show.

Efficiency and Productivity

Neon – The Humanoid AI Chatbot Video Chatbots, that look like people and act like people, these bots are designed to be human companions. They are not smart assistants, and they do not know everything. They can’t play or favorite music or tell you the weather, but they can be your friend.

LIFX Candle Color This unique light uses polychrome technology to create blended light within the light bulb. But it’s more than just a bulb, it’s Wi-Fi connected and has millions of different color combinations.

StayTouch App A simple touch of your phone can update meeting information, profiles, and much more. You no longer have to worry about not having a business card handy, or fumbling between calendars, as this app does it all. Available for both iOS and Android.

Food Technology

Impossible Foods Pig-Free Pork After the big success with their plant-based burgers, they decided to try pork. At CES, they introduced Impossible Pork, a plant-based pork substitute, that tastes surprisingly like pork. Next up, bacon!

Picnic’s Pizza Making Robot A Seattle-based company has been selling Pizza made by robots at baseball stadiums, and now they showed up at CES. They worked with the local catering company to program pizzas into their robot for the convention, and they robots made and cooked the pizza with a precision and accuracy that humans cannot achieve.

Women Health

Willow Pump This breast pump hides securely under your clothing, so you can pump while on the go, in a meeting, at the t-ball game, or anywhere else you need to be as a mom. This new model is a life-changer for women everywhere.

Otterbox Antimicrobial Screen Protector Designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria, this screen protector is the first EPA-registered product on the market. The lightweight screen protectors look and feel like other screen protectors made by Otterbox and Corning, with the added protection.

Pampers Baby Monitor Lumi takes baby monitors to the next level. Learn your baby’s patterns by tracking their diaper changes, sleep patterns, feeding schedules, and humidity and temperature levels. Use the information gathered to anticipate your baby’s needs and help set a schedule that works for the entire family.


AI Machine Wash The ThinQ Washer can tell the difference between jeans and socks, and select the needed laundry cycle automatically, according to LG. The machine can detect the weight and volume of the load, as well as the types of fabric in the machine. The washing machine does have a matching dryer to finish off the set just yet.

Smart Lock This lock replaces the inside of your regular lock to give your deadbolt smart lock functionality. You can continue to use your old keys, but have smart lock functionality, without advertising it to your neighbors. Level Lock has Bluetooth capabilities and connects to the rest of your home with your home kit.

Wi-Fi Smart Lock August debuted their fourth generation smart lock at CES. With built-in Wi-Fi, you no longer need the August Connect to remotely monitor from your phone. The new, smaller design and easy installation have made this new lock a win.

KitchenHub Microwave GE has taken their KitchenHub to the next level with their microwave. By packing what is essentially a tablet into the front of the microwave you can look up recipes, video chat, watch Netflix and more while you are in the kitchen.

Smart Beds Sleep Number introduced the Climate360. The bed can track your heart rate and breathing rate, control the cooling and heating of the mattress based on where you are in your sleep cycle, track your sleep time, and of course you can adjust the firmness on both sides. It’s been shown to provide an extra 100 hours of sleep each year.

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub Weber has long been a pro in the grilling arena, and now their smart hub can help anyone grill with the best. It’s a pit thermometer and so much more. It can sense the thickness of your meat, letting you know how long to cook it. It can give you step by step instructions on setting up your grill, seasoning your food, and even tell you when it’s time to flip the food. The perfect grilling companion.

HexaTile Touch This light is also a decoration for your room. Tiles shaped like hexagons are magnetically tied together into any shape you choose. Light your room simply by swiping or touching the lights. Available in both cool white and warm white colors.

Home Connect Fridge Bosch partnered with Chefling to make this gem. The fridge has two cameras in it that can view and identify your food, recommending appropriate recipes for you to cook. No more staring in the fridge like it’s a black hole, wondering what to cook for supper!

Sexual Health and Wellness

The sexual technology industry made a move this year at CES. They were given the opportunity to present products that have made technological advances in their industry. Looking to spark conversations about sexual wellness, industry leaders were pleased with this years’ advances. Here are some products showcased this year.

Lora DiCarlo Female Stimulation Products Lora DiCarlo products were first introduced at CES 2019, with a rocky start. This year the company were welcomed openly and they shared with us their latest creations, Baci and Onda. Both products use microrobotics and biomimicry to help females reach orgasm. The microrobotics technologies used in these products have eight patents pending. (An LA NPDT Product)

Vesper Touch and Tease Rings Crave made a splash at CES with their elegant jewelry designs. The stylish rings and necklaces have little portable vibrators discreetly attached to them. Perfect for those on the go. The necklaces are currently available for sale. The rings will be available soon.

Satisfyer Connect Satisfyer is launching an app that will work across their products that have “air pulse” technology. The primary user of the app can grant access to a remote partner, so the partner can control the frequency and intensity of a Satisfyer. They can also use their voice or some music to dictate rhythm.

YO Sperm Test This test allows you to test sperm mobility at home, with a YO device. By downloading an app and using a camera system, men can see their swimmers live. They can also use a Path to Pregnancy app that can help them start or build their family.

Morari Taint Bandaid This innovation is designed to help men who suffer from premature ejaculation, a condition that affects up to 30% of the male population. The simple bandaid works by “inhibiting the nerves of the penis, thereby delaying an ejaculation,” according to Morari’s website. Still in prototyping, this is not yet available on the market, but expect to see it soon.

Lioness Vibrator By implementing over 30,000 data points, Lioness Generation 2 vibrator aims to improve a woman’s orgasm. The data points deliver AI-driven guidance for your experience. The vibrator has sensors that tracks tension, temperature and pressure and syncs with an app that lets you analyze the health data.

Other Cool Products


Inupathy Harness Langualess has created a dog harness that can tell you how your dog is feeling. The harness measures and analysis the heart rate of your dog and lets you know if your dog is relaxed, excited, happy or more. The harness changes colors based on the mood of your dog.

Property Management

1VALET Software This technology combines a property management system and resident environment into one, creating a unified experience between property managers, developers, and residents. 1VALET is creating safer, smarter residential communities with this app.

Smart Gardens

AGrove Garden Kits These garden kits are perfect for those of us without a green thumb. Pick plants that are suitable for your climate, with the help of AGrove’s sensors, and the kit will take care of the rest. The kit will water your plants on queue for up to 3 weeks. It will also alert you if and when any maintenance tasks need to be performed. No more checking for weeds each day.


AgriTalk Farming Sensor By providing real-time environmental information, this sensor helps farmers make decisions about planting and fertilizing their fields. It also helps farmers be aware of pest and disease eruption times.


MamaRoo Sleep Bassinets The perfect sleep tool for a little one, this bassinet has five different natural “mom” motions and four different sounds. You can set the bassinet to move using your smartphone. The firm, flat surface and mesh sides provide exactly what your baby needs to fall asleep and stay asleep.


Side Pocket Wireless Bring back the fanny pack! This pack is designed to charge your electronics on the go. Simply tuck your phone inside, zip it shut, and it will charge while you are moving. The updated look from the old fanny packs is making this cool again!

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As you can see, technology can come from anywhere, at any time. Not all ideas come from huge corporations. This means that anyone, including you, can create new technology, and when you do, you may need help with bringing your ideas to life.LA NPDT can help.


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