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A New Product Development Team is a Member of 2018 Louisiana Economic Development’s CEO Roundtables

Each year Louisiana Economic Development hosts CEO Roundtables, an event in which up to 18 small business entrepreneurs are brought together ten times throughout a year, to learn from each other and from guest speakers, with the ultimate goal to improve and grow their businesses’ potential. Exposure to experts and other entrepreneurs, gives an edge to innovate and grow their respective companies. Great Louisiana-based companies have been honored with participation, and graduation from LED’s program, including, Lake Charles based, Waitr, K&B Industries, Halliburton, and many more. Additionally LED assisted Waitr in expanding their operations from July 2015 to 2017. Most noteworthy Waitr has successfully launched in 20 additional Southern cities, including California, with over 1,200 and 2,000 restaurant connections. Waitr is one of the many growing companies aided by LED, and other programs available to Louisiana small businesses. la new product development team LA New Product Development Team’s CEO, Konstantin Dolgan, has been invited to participate in LED’s 2018 CEO Roundtable. LA NPDT has become an integral part of Louisiana’s ecosystem in researching; marketing and producing ideas for other entrepreneurs, inventors, and small businesses. Hence, the company has assisted inventors in realizing their products potential, as well with with production and marketing of their dreams. Always evolving, the team works hard to be the resourceful stop for clients and members of the community. The importance of the continuous growth of small businesses, innovation, and new product development trend it has a significant impact on overall Louisiana’s local and national economy. Konstantin Dolgan, LA New Product Development Team  

“Owners of small businesses has a 45% higher median income”

U.S. small businesses are responsible for employing over 56 million individuals, having created 1.1 net million jobs. Companies with less than 100 employees are the backbone of the small business community. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA) 38.1% of new businesses are owned by minorities, changing the diversity of the small business landscape. Owners of small businesses has a 45% higher median income than unorganized companies owners.  While growth over the past three years has indicated that the small business economy; is not only crucial for the region but also to the world, through trade and exports. The World Bank’s study of small businesses established that  “small and medium enterprises account for more than half of all forms jobs worldwide.”  The diversity of companies concentrated in a region, the more diverse the economic climate will be comparatively. l new product development team To bring it a little closer to home, Louisiana’s small businesses account for 16,462 net jobs of new employees; 97.3% of all Louisiana businesses, has been classified as small or medium companies. Louisiana businesses have a higher diversity rating of 51% over the rest of the country. While Louisiana is diversifying, it still falls below the national average in entrepreneurship. LA NPDT plans to do it’s part in changing the Louisiana small business landscape permanently. la new product development team

“benefits of partnership and the value of peer interaction”

Programs like LED bring resources and expertise to growing companies. Entrepreneurs from our state will be able to brainstorm about financial programs, peer-driver discussions and looking to expand their division. LA NPDT is excited to be a part of this group. The benefits of partnership and the value of peer interaction on further development of the business. Prior graduates of LED’s program, such as Waitr, were able to grow their businesses utilizing several programs, including SEED and Angel Investor Tax Credits.  By knowing what is available, business owners can learn how to become the best leaders in industries. LA NPDT is honored to be part of Louisiana’s most talented & forward-thinking executives, all of them working hard to make Louisiana state’s ecosystem prosperous. As a result, the team firmly believes that a strong team of local leaders; will put all efforts to grow for the betterment of the state this year. Small businesses can all look forward to an improved, idea-driven Louisiana.


LA New Product Development Team, a tenacious and innovative group of engineers, product developers, and marketers, have partnered with the business sector and other individuals, to identify, develop, build and promote their product ideas. Therefore, the founders of LA NPDT, Konstantin Dolgan and Onega Ulanova; realized that there was a disconnect between creative ideas and the marketplace, causing groundbreaking inventions to fail in making their way to the market. Noticing this issue; they set out to change the way people view their electronic design and product development process, how they introduce ideas to the world. One company at a time, LA New Product Development has worked tirelessly, changing the way small businesses and individual inventors bring their products to the market.
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