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One of the best things about being an entrepreneur is devoting yourself to your passions. However, traveling the road to entrepreneurial success takes more than just a great idea, and understanding unconventional sources of savings, like overlooked tax deductions, can ultimately make or break the R&D process of your Concept design company LA. Every innovation needs proper market research, design, and prototyping. One easy way to make sure you can afford all of that is to maximize your money.

For many inventors and business owners, research and development (R&D), or the process of developing or improving upon products or technologies, can be difficult without ample product development investment. In many cases, inadequate funding can even halt the process of making your product a reality.  However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Tax Deductions for Research and Experimental Costs

Even many experienced business people overlook tax deductions.  With some new tax deduction ideas, inventors can add additional savings that otherwise would’ve simply evaporated into the government’s pocket. If you are an inventor then you should familiarize yourself with section 174 of the IRC. This section details inventor-friendly tax law enacted by Congress. It’s an incentive for people looking to invent new products and technologies through research and development.

The language in the law is very straightforward; it states that: “a taxpayer may treat research or experimental expenses which are paid or incurred by him during the taxable year in connection with his trade or business as expenses which are not chargeable to capital account.” This means that an inventor’s total R&D expense may be deducted from their gross income.

R&D costs usually fall under capital expenses, and as such, aren’t tax deductible; however, the above tax law allows for certain exemptions.

Are you interested in developing a new product or improving existing products? Do you specialize in inventions, formulas, techniques, processes, software, and more? Then you might be able to take advantage of these tax deductions. Having put in the time and money required by the research and development process, you are entitled to the R&D tax credit. Not only that, but taxpayers can make tax credit claims going back up to 3 years.

Tax Credit

The IRS considers the cost of research and development to be a necessary part of the process for inventors. The hope is that these tax deduction ideas will help with product development investment and realization.

Likewise, your tax liability must be more than the credit in order to qualify for the full amount. If you have a tax credit of $20,000 and a tax liability of $18,000, you will be only getting the $18,000 credit. The extra $2,000 is non-refundable.

For entrepreneurial inventors looking to capitalize on their great, these tax deductions can put money back in your wallet. This will ultimately, help bring your product or service to market.

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