Concept Design Services

Are you seeking a solution to a problem that has been identified by your team? Would you like to bring your idea to a visual form? Well, our concept design services can help. Our team can improve the performance , durability or any other aspect of your product. With in-house prototyping capabilities, we are a one-stop shop for concept design , engineering, and manufacturing. We use our wealth of experience in all areas of product development to design the exact product you want that works how you want it to. Our team uses state of the art design and prototyping equipment to provide quick turnaround therefore getting your product to market faster!

Our concept design company will help your customers and yourself better understand how your product will look and work. Industrial concept design is utilized by many corporations and individual product developers as well. Typically one of the very first stages of the product development process, concept design involves sketching, drawing, and developing real-life CAD models and renderings that fully represent prototypes. LA NPDT is a concept design company that utilizes the most effective methods and tools.

We want your product to function as great as it looks!

Why You Need Conceptual Design

The conceptual design phase of product development provides you with a visual that displays what your idea will do, how it will react to the environment, and what consumers can expect when they purchase it. Additionally, bringing your idea to life without first testing it in several phases can be expensive and risky. With our conceptual design, you can take the risk out of your product development and gain confidence moving forward into production.

At La New Product Development Team, we’re able to offer concept design services that pull on other processes including research, modeling, prototyping and more. The product design team gets fully immersed in the product and the problem it is trying to solve. This immersion and our wealth of experience in a variety of product categories allows us to deliver beautifully-designed products with enhanced functionality that fit seamlessly in to their markets.

Industrial Concept Design Solutions

Our concept design services are constantly improving because we are always researching new methods. This trait is a hallmark of an effective concept design company. Industrial concept design is the proper way to evaluate your idea. No matter how many times you’ve gone over your design, it’s important to fully test your idea before you move forward. When you use LA NPDT — concept design company, you gain access to a team of innovative designers and engineers who understand the complexities of product design. Our goal is to ensure your design is brought to life in the most impressive way imaginable.

We employ a design, build, test, and repeat the process during the engineering phase to ensure the best results for our clients. Our concept design company is unmatched when it comes to turning an idea or concept into a new product that functions properly and is cost-effective to manufacture.

The Only Concept Design Company of Our Kind

Our team will turn your concept into an innovative, industrial concept design solution. From initial concept to final product design, our project managers develop and rethink designs to arrive at innovative and iconic solutions. We balance functionality and creativity with overall aesthetic in all of our product designs.

Whether you know what you want your product to look like or you simply have a vague concept in mind, our team will work with you to explore material choices for the ideal look, feel, and function that will appeal to your audience and perform well in your target market.

Why Choose LA NPDT for Your Concept Design Needs?

In addition to our innovative, industrial concept designs, we also specialize in quick turnarounds that get your production on track. Once you sign up for our services, our team will then:

Create a design concept
Refine the concept according to your preferences
Create a 3D rendering
Develop packaging

When you’re choosing a concept design company to work with, you want a team you can count on for all aspects of product prototyping, engineering and development. Turn to a team you can trust for your Conceptual Design, and choose us!


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