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Concept Design

Are you seeking a solution to a problem that has been identified by your team? Would you like to bring your idea into a visual form? Well, our conceptual design can help. Not only will our concept design help your customers understand how your product will look and work, but it will give you a more hands-on prototype to work with. Typically one of the very first stages of the product development process, concept design involves sketching, drawing, and developing real-life CAD models and renderings that fully represent prototypes.

Why You Need Conceptual Design

The conceptual design phase of product development provides you with a hands-on version of your idea that integrates what your idea will do, how it will react to the environment, and what consumers can expect when they purchase it. Additionally, bringing your idea to life without first testing it in several phases can be expensive and risky. With our conceptual design, you can take the risk out of your product development and gain confidence moving forward into production.

Innovative Design Solutions

No matter how many times you’ve gone over your design, it’s important to fully test your idea before you move forward. When you use LA NPDT you gain access to a team of innovative designers and engineers who understand the complexities of concept design. Our goal is to ensure your design is brought to life in the most impressive way imaginable.

Why Choose LA NPDT for Your Concept Design Needs?

In addition to our innovative concept designs, we also specialize in quick turnarounds that get your production on track. Once you sign up for our services, our team will then:

Create a design concept
Refine the concept according to your preferences
Create a 3D rendering
Develop packaging

Turn to a team you can trust for your Concept Design, and choose us!

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