Product engineering services, technical design services, and product design analysis service are all offered by LA NPDT.

Design Optimization for Manufacturing (DFM), Performance, and Cost-Effectiveness

From concept design to manufacturing, our engineers and designers can solve any problem during the development of your product. Our product development team has designed hundreds of products, and we know the kind of research it takes to create a design for manufacturing and assembly. Using a thoughtful combination of design research and market analysis, we’ll come up with a design for manufacturability to give you a product that fits your brand and clicks with your target audience. Our team loves a good challenge and have the skills and knowledge necessary to overcome them.

During design for ease of manufacture, we will modify the product design considering production methods. We will also select the materials, and prepare all the documentation required for manufacturing.

Our design for manufacturability services include the following:

Market Research Data-driven Design

From 3D modelling, design, and drafting, we also relish the opportunity to offer your business exceptional design for manufacturing and assembly. During the initial stage of your product development, our team will conduct thorough product research where we get to know your concept inside and out, as well as how it relates to other products currently on the market. Market research is critical to launching a new product. We take a close look at how your product fits into the market, identify opportunity in the marketplace, determine who is most likely to purchase your product, what features they would like to see, how much they would pay and more. As a result, our team will create a sketch of conception and refine the design for ease of manufacture until it meets our high standards. The result is a highly innovative design that will take your business to the next level.

Computer Simulations and Numerical Analysis (FEA and CFD)

Our designs for ease of manufacture include numerical analysis, which can evaluate your product to ensure it meets the required performance, reliability, and integrity standards. Even more, through our computer simulation services we are capable of solving challenging fluid flow, thermal, and mechanical design problems using high-end FEA and CFD software packages. With our design for manufacturability, you will experience how early design insights create more innovative designs in a shorter amount of time. Consequently, saving you money and improving the product in the process.

Product Design Analysis Service

Our product design analysis service can be vital to take your product idea to the next level during design for manufacturability. A good product design analysis saves you time and money. We will work with you from the beginning of your product development project creating a product strategy to suit your exact needs. Using proven methods, we will uncover product and market insights that will help both you and our team make informed decisions throughout the entire product development process.

Once we have produced a sketch and a CAD model of your design for manufacturing and assembly, we can start evaluating it using the latest numerical analysis techniques. Our goal is to exceed industry standards. We accomplish this through constant iterations of extensive simulation, testing, and re-designing. Hence our product design analysis service covers material testing and standards compliance analysis, to guarantee your product is ready for the market.

Why Choose LA NPDT for Design for Manufacturability?

Because, by utilizing advanced technology, techniques, and testing procedures, we create fine-tuned products from beginning to end. Our team can handle your project from the sketch board to manufacturing. Even more, we are here for you to ensure your product’s design for ease of manufacture can withstand the rigours of the marketplace!

Most noteworthy, we combine our product design analysis service with market research data to develop products with the design for manufacturing and assembly that will carry your product to success.

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