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Developing a product to revolutionize the music industry

The music industry has been changing rapidly and it’s due to the work done by inventors like Jared. He led this way because only through collaboration with experts in our field will we see any changes made and proper ideation work; so stay tuned for his journey of idea formation process!

Q1 | In what ways did Product Discovery impact your further product idea development?

A1 | When I originally approached you and Konstantin about the idea regarding the music industry, it started off just as a very general concept. It was nothing more than a paragraph on a piece of paper and virtually no other thoughts behind it beyond just what I had. The magic that you both worked on in The Product Discovery phase was quite amazing because we were able to evolve the project into something that could end up being potentially patentable in the digital space—which I’m currently in discussions with the patent attorney and intellectual property attorney about.  There are a lot of opportunities to take on in the music industry, and the ideas that your team has come up with throughout the whole process—while keeping an active touch, I’d say at least once or twice weekly—was very reassuring to hear both the good news about opportunities and what to pursue. While also being told upfront what could potentially get in the way regarding competition, because, of course, you’re always going to encounter different hurdles left and right from all different directions on how to approach your particular venture. The way you presented how we can navigate those potential issues and differentiate ourselves from the competition. Konstantin was able to explain, in great detail, how he came up with each of the different steps and how your firm’s beliefs about the metaverse, especially evolving into something greater than the music industry, could potentially participate in some manner.  You look very far ahead and present the ideas, no matter how simple they may start. And if it’s something that you’ve deemed to be worth pursuing, you talk about that with me. I’ve loved how you guys would just go for it, and we can look in multiple directions before we settle on something that we think we can pursue. But even then, as we continue moving forward, you can still work with that flexibility to adapt to another method of execution—if it were to come down to that based on industry trends.  Being filled in on those trends, especially how they will impact five, ten years from now, I found it very impactful and just good to know in the back of my mind so I can get ready to execute that when the time comes for this particular venture. So, I really thank both of you for your hard work during this time. I did find the Product Discovery phase very valuable.

Q2 | Talk me through the process of Product Discovery?

A2 | It was definitely all over the place, but I think it was the most structured “all over the place” that I’ve ever partaken in, to be honest. We were all over the place, going from one direction to another direction. Again, the way that Konstantin organized all of the paperwork, and all the ideas, concepts, and potential similarities and differences between what already exists was very well laid out and structured. The way Konstantin went about his communication—and by taking extra time between each of our conversations to just add extra detail or an extra website, or an extra competitor…etc., depending on which part of the four phases we were in—that’s what I found very reaffirming when it came to just how deep in terms of your research you guys go. It also again preps us for the multiple different directions that the real world has to bring us regarding the music industry. Everything constantly changes when it comes to marketing, brand presentation, who’s the next big star, and with music—especially those big guys behind the scenes—play a very big game. Most people don’t even realize when it comes to making people famous for getting their next big hit on the number one stations. The way you would approach this concept would make it flexible for that particular industry. I feel like I can be a step ahead of the game once I gain the market; I would like to build this company without feeling any pressure, or like I have to do something beyond over-the-top revolutionary when something similar may already exist. But you found the way to put your unique spin on it to help us succeed in the long run anyway. It creates very friendly competition that will only advance the world further in terms of the democratization of music.

Q3 | What was the most valuable during the Discovery Stage?

A3 | So, I’m actually going to go beyond just the ideas themselves and the actual final pieces of information you guys got for me. I’m actually going to say the legal findings regarding everything you’ve provided, particularly the patents, the potential copyrights, and competitors that are already existing in the industry based on current restrictions or laws on how digital copyrights and distribution works when it comes to individual and independent projects. That, I found incredibly valuable because that essentially dictates what I’m able to do legally and how I can differentiate myself while keeping my own IP and ensuring I have a step above competitors within the industry when I’m able to establish the venture. That dictates my entire path and whether something’s specifically physically possible or not, and it will even dictate how much money I’ll need to spend, either in legal fees or licensing fees, to ensure I can keep moving forward.  Anywhere we can move forward, where we can go the patenting route and go and claim that intellectual property as my own would be incredibly valuable once I fully establish that with an attorney. Whereas knowing that I’m going to have to get a license will give me a better idea of how to fundraise to get over that hurdle when the time comes for it. The legal stuff is especially valuable. 

Q4 | Will you be able to do the Product Discover by yourself?

A4 | When it came to my circumstances of approaching this venture, I was a full-time employee who was already working on another venture with you guys previously. I just had no idea which direction to go in with this particular venture.  Honestly, even if I were to have seen your videos, if you were to post or release them, I do not think that this would have impacted how I would have proceeded with product development. I most likely just would have gone the same route that I did with you guys, anyway. One: I had you guys take on the concept building or the idea building because at the time, I didn’t have the time for it, and I still wouldn’t to this day.  Two: I had the idea generalized for the past couple of years but never really acted on it or bothered digging deeper into more of it because I just wanted to make sure this other project was settled down first since it relies on that project’s market.  As I said, you guys were extremely thorough with your research, very communicative, and your research methods truly uncovered so much to learn about the music industry and the potential future of it and how it can take advantage, once again, when the timing is right, and this other project succeeds.  So, regardless I would have gone through the process, the same even if there were any videos to watch—whether it be from you guys or somebody else—you guys are the experts, of course. We’re only going to do so much by ourselves, of course with a team. And LA NPDT is The Team.
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