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Importance of Developing Products During a Recession

Recession is toughest on small companies. According to Investopedia, while small and large businesses face the same recession risks, the lack of scale makes small businesses more vulnerable. Investopedia offers more details on the impact of recessions on businesses in the article and the effects on developing products.

Therefore, small businesses have to be precise in handling recession. Instead of waiting till after the recession, every business ought to grow during the recession. It is time to invest in your business and start implementing new ideas.

That is why this article will show you several important details about the recession. Also, you will find the importance of product develpoment during the recession. Lastly, you will find some Product develpoment essentials your business can use.

What is Recession

How Does It Affect Businesses During a Recession?

A recession is considered a prolonged economic shrinkage. It is often marked by successive quarterly declines in GDP. It is the period when there is lesser demand for products and product developmen.

To match declining demand, most businesses lay off their staff to cut down their cost of production. Alternatively, companies move to reduce the wages of their employees. Manufacturing companies could even close down their plans and discontinue poorly performing products.

Another major effect of recession is that it stifles product innovation. Again, the reason is that there is reduced access to credit. Hence, credit constraints may hamper marketing strategies.

Most businesses do not consider that such a time is best for investing. For instance, companies that do not lay off their employees during a recession benefit the most. They tend to perform better after the recession’s downturn ends.

In summary, a recession shows that some things are broken in the economy. Also, it encourages some businesses to fix broken pieces in their system.

Why you should develop new products

during the recession

Innovation is vital to success in business. Therefore, developing new products is the best way to ride out the recession.

Bill Hewlett, one of HP’s founders, once remarked on innovation during hard times. He said investing in new product innovation and expanding the product catalog is one of the most difficult things to do during hard times but also the most important.

New products are called the lifeblood of a company. Hence, the time a patient needs more blood is not when they are healthy. Instead, there should be a lifeblood supply when there is a continued economic downtrend, as often seen in surgery.

It is a fact that people spend less during the recession. Hence, most companies would decide it is not worth innovating during these bad times. However, such decisions help separate recession winners from losers or weak from the strong.

What do others say?

According to McKinsey, a firm dedicated to accelerating sustainable and inclusive growth, investing in innovation is good for a company. Historically, companies that innovate during a recession outperform their counterparts by more than 30% during recovery. The COVID-19 recession was used as a case study in the article.

Companies that adjust to market conditions during a recession may not find the opportunity to survive. In fact, they will lose ways to position themselves for great success.

For instance, continuing to innovate helps a company find a way to introduce more economical solutions to their customers. Also, they can maintain or even grow their market share.

In addition, these companies have a good probability of coming up with reusable substitutes for their disposable products. Such businesses can also develop new distribution channels. With new business models, they can even develop radical innovations that will make other products in the market obsolete.

Another importance of developing a new product during a recession is that it can be a source of funding. There are a lot of grants available for companies developing new products. Hence, it makes raising funding from angel investors and venture capitalists simpler.

Recession is a great time to engage your team and keep them motivated. By picking a new product to develop, you make it less possible for your team to be demotivated. Instead, they will feel more purposeful and motivated to do more for your company.

Recessions do not last long and are always followed by longer periods of growth and prosperity. Hence, it is a good time to position your business for success. The bigger the risk, the bigger the potential rewards.

Essentials for Product Development During Recession

Every idea has to satisfy the customer’s most pressing needs. Because a recession is marked by low cash flow, activating consumer-centric innovation plans is essential.

The first innovation essential is accepting the importance of an idea ladened business model. Hence, innovating has to be your survival tactic for business growth and helping customers.

Then, you have to find market and technology insight offering the best value proposition. This value proposition is what distinguishes your business from existing alternatives.

Lastly, it would be best if you used a product develipment model with scalable profit sources and rewards for your people. A good product development approach is to capitalize on external networks and rapid prototy.

Hottest Questions on the Importance of Developing Products During Recession

Find below some of the regularly asked questions about innovating during the recession.

How can a business be recession-proof?

Capital is the first means of making a business recession-proof. And it would be best if you secured this capital before it is needed. Also, you have to prioritize customer service and provide their most pressing needs.

What should small businesses do in a recession?

Small businesses should build an agile workforce during a recession. This agile workforce must prioritize innovation and creativity. Hence, small businesses should prioritize product develpoment.

What would you take advantage of during a recession?

It would be best if you took advantage of lowering your average cost. Cost is the biggest hindrance to demand during a recession. It would also help if you watched out for lower interest rates that you can use to fund your innovations.

What is meant by rapid prototyping?

Prototyping is the proof-of-concept during the product development process. And there are four prototyping methods: parallel, competitive, iterative, and rapid. Now, rapid prototy is a quick fabrication from CAD design without manufacturing processes.


Recession is a key part of every economy. For instance, it balances everyday costs. High unemployment makes companies increase their prices, and high unemployment also reduces prices.

Furthermore, you can be one of the few beneficiaries of the recession. What you need to stay ahead of the curve is product developmen. It is the lifeblood of every company.

In addition, you need innovation to motivate your employees. New engagement and rewards make employees better inspired to work.

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