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Introducing Product DiscoverY:

A New Way to Get Started

Starting any project is hard. This is especially true in product development, when your goal is often to bring something entirely new into the world. You may find yourself thinking “I have an idea for a product. Now what?” The answer to that question will involve concept design or industrial design, but before beginning either of these phases, it’s important to have done some serious brainstorming and planning.

To ensure that you start off on the right foot, we are introducing a new service at LA NPDT: Product Discovery. In this post, we’re going to explore the thinking behind this new service and the difference it will make in product development. No more asking yourself, “If I have an invention idea what do I do?” We are here to help.

Why are we introducing a new service?

Because product development is a serious investment, understanding where you’re going with your product ahead of time saves time and money and reduces risk in the long run. Skipping ahead to concept design without fully develop your idea will increase the number of revisions in later stages. Strategic planning is key if you’re thinking “I have a new product idea. Now what?”

Product Discovery also makes a difference because it helps you define your product so that you can communicate your ideas to others. This will come in handy when you’re talking to potential investors, licencees, or business partners.

“Discovery?” What does that mean?

It means that this is an opportunity for you to learn about your project and about product development in general.

Through this process, you will learn the answers to the following questions:
  • If you have a new invention idea, what should you do?
  • What is your market niche?
  • Which opportunities does your idea present? What risks?
  • What commercialization options are available to you?
  • Who are your competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Are any similar products already patented?

Additionally, we’ll set aside time to answer any questions you may have. Whether or not you are new to product development, this is your moment to bring any of your questions or concerns to our experts. Our consultants are here to answer your technical questions and to clear up any uncertainty about the process. We encourage you to ask questions as simple as “If I have an invention idea what do I do?” if that’s where you find yourself in the process right now.

How does it work?

Product Discovery is comprised of four hours of face-to-face consultation with our experts (either in person or via video call), usually taking place over the course of two to three weeks.  The following is an outline of our procedure:

  • Discovery Packet: Once you’re ready to begin, we will send you a packet with the Realizr and other essential tools and materials. We will then schedule our Kick-Off Meeting (in-person or via a video call).
  • In between receiving the packet and the Kick-Off Meeting or Call, consult the information in our brochure to brainstorm and think of questions you may want to ask later.
  • Kick-Off Meeting/Video Call: Here, we touch base to discuss the next step and walk you through the idea development process in the Realizr. If you have any questions, share them at this meeting. We will take notes of your questions and our answers to email you later.
  • In between the first and second meetings, we will conduct some market research. In the meantime, continue sending us pictures of drawings and notes in your Realizr as your idea evolves.
  • Meeting/call 2: We will go over what you’ve developed as well as what we’ve discovered in our initial market research.
  • Product Description: Together, we will craft a description, which will be sent to our sketch artist.
  • In between the next meetings, we will send you our sketch artist’s work. Once it has your approval, the sketches will be sent to our prior art search expert. In the meantime, we’ll keep in touch so you can begin developing some branding choices (company name, for example).
  • Meeting/calls 3-4: Discuss the results of the prior art search and ways of optimizing the initial idea concept to fit in the current market.

Once we’ve sent you the Scope of Work, the Discovery stage is complete, and your fully developed idea is ready for the next phase of product development, concept design


1. Product Discovery is about what is best for your product’s success.

Our experts take time to make sure your product is on its way to success before the physical development has even begun.

2. Product Discovery is an opportunity to consult experienced entrepreneurs and product developers.

Our experts know all the ins and outs of entrepreneurship if you are wondering, “I have an idea for a product. Now what?”

3. Product Discovery is beneficial even for experienced entrepreneurs who are interested in reducing the risk and the cost of any type of development.

Planning is essential for success in product development.

Have an idea but no money? You might be interested in reading this article or watching this video.

Thanks for reading! Discover Your Product.

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