Konstantin Dolgan Ph.D. | ceo

The Idea of starting LA New Product Development Team came to Konstantin when he was driving to Houston back in 2013. He realized the need of a cross-functional team that could turn ideas into market-viable solutions. Back then he was a Ph.D. student exploring material science at LA Tech University.

Before coming to Tech Konstantin has received two degrees in engineering along with three years of sales and management experience. His passion to entrepreneurship, drawn from his parents, and the combination of technical skills and knowledge equipped him with the essentials needed to launch a product development team. He started a student organization to gain experience managing multidisciplinary teams and projects. After graduating from Tech Dr. Dolgan joined DXP Enterprises as an R&D engineer.

He helped the company with the development and optimization of centrifugal pumps. Working as an engineer K. realized that engineering without an entrepreneurial aspect was not exciting to him. So, in August 2016 along with Onega Ulanova he opened LA NPDT office in Shreveport, LA. Along with his team Konstantin is currently helping businesses to realize their product innovations. Outside of work Konstantin is a soccer player, a dog owner, and a volunteer at various business-oriented organizations.

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