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You have a new product that you’re excited about, and it requires electronic design services and PCB design services equipped with expertise. LA NPDT is the place for you, In fact, our team is comprised of members who value your time and respect the hard work you do. We understand that developing an electronic product requires a comprehensive approach, so we combined experts in industrial design. printed circuit board design, mechanical and electrical engineering, and manufacturing into a cross-functional team. For you it means no hassle communicating with and coordinating several teams, accordingly a dedicated project manager available almost 24/7, a holistic approach that takes into account aspects that are beyond the design stage, and a cohesive team ready to take your project from A to Z.


The Process

Initially, our team identifies the requirements of your electronic system and printed circuit board design, making every effort to understand your vision. Afterward, we research to find the best angle to approach your electronic system to ensure rapid and fruitful results. Electronic design services and PCB design services can only begin after research has been performed and understanding achieved. In fact, at LA NPDT we know that you can’t afford future issues with your electronic system. For this reason, our designers work meticulously to eliminate potential issues throughout the process As with any process at LA NPDT, our electronic design services include constant improvement to create custom, turnkey solutions.


Electronic Design Services: Your Challenges, Our Solutions

Your new product will likely require a unique printed circuit board design that has never been used or tested, therefore you need your circuit to be built from the ground up, and LA NPDT can do just that. When designing your circuitry and choosing components, our engineers will account for several factors. What environment will your system be in? Are there any unique components? What is the production volume and lifetime of your system? Questions like this will influence the choices our experts make to create the most cost-effective electronic system.

When implementing the printed circuit board design into your prototype, you will need it to be as discreet as possible. Our team will achieve this through creative thinking, strategic design choices, and computer-aided design as we carry out our elecctronic design services so that your product exhibits maximum convenience and cosmetic appeal for your customer.

Electronic Prototype Compatibility Assurance

When undertaking electronic design services, component placement is critical. Your circuit may have electro-mechanical parts or sensors that require strategic placement. For this reason, at LA NPDT we realize that implementation planning is a crucial part of the design process and will treat it with the utmost importance.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design & Fabrication Services

When designing the circuitry of your product, the components and wires can get messy and out of hand quickly. Breadboard prototyping is just not sufficient at this point. You need a way to keep your circuitry manageable and manufacturable. For this reason, let LA NPDT clean the mess and keep it organized with our electronic design services and PCB design services. 

PCB Prototype Manufacturing & Short Run Production

Before committing to mass production of PCB’s for your product line, you will want your design to be perfected. Testing prototypes is essential. Moreover, with a PCB prototype, you will see your electrical system manifested and in action. Whether you need a prototype or a small batch for your product launch – we’ve got you covered with PCB design services.


LA NPDT has experience providing unique electronic design services in areas such as:

  • – NFC
  • – GPS
  • – GSM
  • – Wi-fi
  • – Wireless
  • – Bluetooth
  • – Antenna Design
  • – Radio Frequency (RF)
  • – Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

We look forward to turning your dream into reality!

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