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How to Approach New Electronic Product Development

electronic product development

Both hardware and software require product design and development. However, electronic product development stands out because it has software and hardware components. In other products, there is either only software or hardware.

Putting together the resources for a new electronic product requires certain expertise for PCB development. The Printed Circuit Board requires a repeated design, build, and test sequence until the desired outcome is obtained. And it is a common means of producing electronic board designs.

Follow this article for facts about product development that will make the business process effortless. Additionally, we have included a simplified process for making new electronic products. This process has seven stages.

Businesses that diligently apply each stage will be guaranteed successful product development. Even with the high competition in the electronic market, your product stands a better chance with an article.

Overview of Product Development

Electronic product development is a primary contributor to ensuring that humans have better access to the tools they need to survive. Books, pressing iron, and other more sophisticated products like computers are all products.

Each product that an individual can name must have passed through certain stages of product development. Products that do not pass through all these stages often go extinct after a while.

The main purpose of product development is to transform an idea into accepted commercial merchandise. Hence, before product development, product managers must consider the product’s demand. Therefore, electronic product design and development may only be effective with existing demand.

Before product development, a business needs to know the production feasibility of the product. With technical capability, any company can transform ideas into a selling product. If the desired field is already competitive, then such products must have an existing capability.

An already competitive market also means there has to be a value proposition that puts the product ahead of existing alternatives. Part of how you can add value to electronic product development is by reaching your customers. With the help of growing logistics and e-commerce solutions, products can reach customers’ physical locations.

Lastly, product development must survive until it finds market stability. Against popular opinion, electronic product development should not only have cash flow till the first sale. Instead, the company should set a revenue target that the product should meet.

Until the target is reached, the company should keep supplying funds for product production. Expecting a product to generate its production fund is key to product failures. Even when a company has other products, a product without financial backing will likely be amputated.

Seven Stages of New Electronic Product Development

It is a common fact that 70% of businesses that launch still fail. But according to one of the leading business magazines in the US, Inc magazine, up to 95% of new products fail. The article also addresses how to prevent new products from crashing.

Products can fail during launch or in the market. Hence, the stages of NPD for electronics discussed here cover both areas.


Generating ideas is an innate ability for every healthy human. However, a business must have a definitive approach to curating ideas and brainstorming. In addition, the company has to be where every employee knows every idea counts.

The problems identified in the market are addressed through analysis. Another important analysis during ideation is benefit structure analysis. This analysis considers how the idea of a product can be beneficial to end users.


There has to be room for generating ideas that are not foolproof. Then, the company should screen these ideas to identify the ones that will make it to the next stage. Usually, Agile Development Team carries out the screening to pick foolproof ideas.

The SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis is a commonly applied tool for idea screening. This analysis provides a broad perspective of the product and how it affects developers, manufacturers, and customers. Hence, the company will pick an idea for product development implementation.


Business analysis or market research is when the company surveys customers. Their survey will help determine the company’s financial commitment to the new product development and if it is worth it.

Market research can be done using the competitor’s dataset if it is available. The company can use the details obtained to determine the market demand’s extent. In addition, analysts will use details found during the business analysis to formulate a business plan for electronic product manufacturing and delivery.


In this stage, companies make virtual or tangible mockups of the idea they intend to produce. This beta version is a type that developers and users can interact with.

One of the goals of prototyping is that you can showcase it to investors during a pitch. In this article published by Entrepreneur Media Inc., there are more ideas on the importance of prototyping. In addition, the website offers a variety of news on business and social media trends.

The low-fidelity prototype is the first one to be made. It has simplified navigation and limited interactivity.


This stage brings the prototype alive more. Here, the low-fidelity prototype is transformed into a high-fidelity prototype. Furthermore, electronic prototype manufacturing is done using high-fidelity prototypes.

During the design concept, there have to be detailed technical speculations. This is where to plan for likely risks in electronic product development. It is regarded as the peak of the product production process.


Designs and speculations are handed to developers for product building. Electronic prototype manufacturing is dependent on the previous product development stages. For uninformed developers, it is a simple copy-and-paste stage.


Product launch is where you bring the product to the physical or digital market. A lot of sales and marketing tactics that fit the company and product must have first been put in place. This process aims to build a loyal customer base.

FAQs about New Electronic Product Development

NPD is quite challenging for many, and here are their most asked questions.

What is the importance of new product development?

End users can get new and better value for their money with new product development. Additionally, company shares and market value can be sustained with new products.

How do you get a new product development idea?

You can generate new ideas making previous products on the market better. Also, you can perform market research to find new customer needs that you can solve.

What are the types of new product development ideas?

New product development ideas can be for sustenance, disruption, incrementation, and radical breakthrough. Each of them has its benefits and difficulties. However, the most preferred one is a radical breakthrough.

Popular examples of new product development

Beats by Dre is a good example of new product development. Even though there is already a market for headsets, a new product still thrives there.


Electronic product development requires precise steps to get ideas. It requires a company to allow ideas to be generated, knowing fully well that some may not be failproof ideas. The idea is expected to be subject to test and analysis before it enters the design stage.

After, the company must use design, development, and deployment tactics to sell the product. All these stages play a vital role in ensuring that the end users like the product that is produced.

Do you have a new product idea you are struggling with transforming into a commercial product? Contact LA NPDT today for help with your electronic board design and PCB development.

We have a star-studded team of engineers, marketers, designers, and manufacturing specialists. Get started with our prototyping service by contacting 318-243-5789 or visit our website lanpdt.com.

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