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Dear inventor, welcome to the real talk. Do you remember how you felt when you first got that big idea and envisioned that big break? Well, we are happy to announce that you are closer to your dreams than ever. Having already built a prototype of your idea, planned a launch, and visualized big success, it is now time to find a reliable manufacturer. This is even probably a little late. But not to worry, you can still find your path from here onwards. 

Here’s a shocker, though, this next phase is probably the least exciting stage of getting your product out there. The time has come for the world to see the magic you have been working on. In this manufacturing phase, it’s time to hire companies that build prototypes to give you stellar product prototyping. But hey, don’t make the mistakes most inventors make when they get to this stage. To help you, we have detailed what you should look for in a prototyping firm that makes them a reliable manufacturer. Here in this article are all the facts contained. Ready?

  • Use Your Initial Engineering and Prototyping Firm

In your quest on how to get a prototype of a product made, you must have encountered a prototyping firm you like. If this company worked on your prototypes for the product, then you should consider having them work on the manufacturing as well. Companies that build your prototypes might just be able to do a large-scale production. In fact, most of them do this. So, it is always advisable to check in with them on whether they are in on making full-scale manufacturing. 

A major pro of this approach is that they would be fully responsible for the engineering work they did on prototyping. And if any modifications are needed, they would do that before the massive manufacturing begins. Thus, if the previous rendering in the initial prototype is not where you need it to be, they could do better in manufacturing. 

  • Make Enquiries about the Factory

One thing you want to make sure you do not fall for is being ignorant of which factory would be handling your manufacturing. As you seek to get a prototype of a product made, be involved in the entire production process. That is, from hiring a prototyping firm to getting the factory that would mass produce to the market. The truth is that many factories are posing as excellent manufacturers. While the fact is that they might not get the job done as well as you want them to. So, to avoid this, make inquiries about the factory from people who have worked with them before.

However, there are other ways of making inquiries about the factory. The commonest way is speaking with their director or representative. Dear inventor, make sure you speak directly with these people to ensure that a factory in good standing does your work. 

  • Important Documents and Procedures

It would be an utter disaster for your invention to be in the hands of persons whom you cannot ascertain their legitimacy. So, it is not out of order if you asked for the manufacturer’s documents establishing them as a business validated to carry out such operations. Many inventors have fallen victim to manufacturers who produce substandard products or use fewer materials than are needed. So, ask for certificates of incorporation. Also, inquire about necessary documents you might need to put your mind at rest with their work. 

Further, there are other things to note and ask about other than whether or not they are fit to operate the manufacturing business. You should also make findings on their quality management systems. That is, how do they maintain the quality of the inventions that they produce? This is to ensure that there is consistency in the prototype and final products manufactured. Also, this covers how they ascertain the constancy of the premium excellence found in each production unit. Akin to this is the in-process and final inspection procedures. This would be a major pointer to whether or not the manufacturing would be as great as you want it to be. 

  • Shipping and Customs

Not all companies that build prototypes will get your shipping and customers covered. You have to ask them if that is part of the package they offer. Not asking about this could lead to frustration ins the long run. Dealing with customs and shipping your products to places it is needed is a major part of the production phase and your business. Therefore, confirm this from the manufacturer before getting started with them. 

  • Samples and Modifications Procedures

Do not make the mistake of entering into a contract with a factory unwilling to make production samples. After hiring your prototyping firm and they have done their part of the work, large-scale manufacturing should not just begin haphazardly. It takes careful preparation, and continuous production of only the best samples worked on. 

Thus, a reliable manufacturer would make some samples to check for defects in the initial production. After which correction, the full blast of production would kickstart. When searching for a reliable manufacturer, be wary of companies that do not have this specific procedure in place. 

  • Keeping Your Molds

Make sure you ask if the manufacturer you found will be able to hold your molds. The molds are a primary tool needed for mass production. Thus, you should make inquiries if they are open to keeping it. Also, some manufacturers have costs associated with that. So, do well to request this as well. 

  • Storing and Packaging Plans

As your inventions are fresh off the production lines, they must be packaged and stored excellently. A reliable manufacturer would ensure this is done to your preferences and beyond. However, you would be surprised to know that some manufacturers do not offer these services in their prototyping or production systems. 

Thus, find out if the prototyping firm you have approached to run the production for you also do packaging, especially before shipment. When produced, your inventions are not meant to lie idle and uncared for in any random facility. Checking in on whether this company has a proper structure for storing your products is also a major thing to do. 

  • Trust Your Guts

This is probably the most underrated part of choosing your manufacturer. As an inventor, the life of your life work lies in the hands of the mass producer. Getting a wrong or inefficient company that builds prototypes may lead to financial loss and long-term discouragement. Thus, you must bring your intuition along to the game of choice. 

See to it that all the stages of production do not pass you by. Make sure you are an integral part of the whole process. Do not delegate this phase of the work as much as you can because you would need your gut to decide whether or not to go with a specific manufacturer. And sometimes, that might be the deciding factor between going all in or holding off to make the right choice for your invention and business. So, if you like and trust them, you can go with them. 

While we understand that finding a reliable manufacturer can be challenging, it isn’t so much a hard nut to crack. And the reason is that we are available to tend to all your manufacturing needs. With our history of quality production and client service, we tick all the boxes of the concerns raised above by many customers in the past and present. So, we are always ready to help you scale to the highest level as an inventor. Put a call through to us today.

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