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A consumer has to discover a product before they buy it. It has to be presented to them in a way that is eye-catching and attractive. Most importantly, it has to stand out from the other products in its field. Maybe you have a great product. Maybe even the best of its kind on the market. But for any of that to matter, someone has to notice it and take the time to understand it. Graphic design firms and graphic design agencies create a corporate identity design that engages your audience. In fact, your audience’s first interaction with your product isn’t with the product at all but with the product of graphic design services, which surprise and interest your potential customer, making it more likely for them to purchase your product.




“Branding” is a general term for the part of graphic design services that uses patterns, fonts, and color schemes to make your products recognizable. So what does that mean? Think of a company that’s really big. They probably use similar fonts and colors across all of their marketing materials. Because of those fonts and colors, you quickly recognize their branding on a billboard even if you’re driving down a highway focused on the road. You are familiar with that company. And you might even be their loyal customer. Familiarity leads to interest, which leads to loyalty, which leads to business growth. That’s why branding matters.

Whether yours is a big or small business, branding matters. You need some foundation for a logo, a letterhead, and a website to represent you and your product. Fonts and color schemes will help a small, locally-based audience or a large, national public know and remember who you are. Whatever your situation, branding and a corporate identity design provided by a graphic design firm help you achieve your business’s goals.

Where Does the Graphic Designer Come In?

A graphic designer is a specialist with formal training in things like branding. They have the knowledge and skills to optimize visuals for your goals: drawing customers’ attention and selling products.

They also understand how copyright laws apply to a corporate identity design. Additionally, professional graphic design agencies specialize in the use of high-end professional software. The advantage here is that these specialists can design custom, high-resolution files to fit any platform (digital or printed) and any budget.

Graphic Design FIRMS: Why They Matter

Besides the access to high-tech software mentioned above, there are other advantages to hiring a graphic design firm.

Graphic design agencies are at their best when more than one creative mind can be part of a project.

One person may have valuable insight, but several people’s contributions will more thoroughly optimize your design.

In product development, a corporate identity design will be most effective when the designers have had the opportunity to collaborate with the engineers and industrial designers who are putting the product together.

Including this collaboration in the process exposes the designer to the product itself. It helps them better understand their audience and the message they want to communicate with their graphics.

Finally, a graphic design agency’s accessibility is important. In general, it’s easier to stay in touch with local companies. But regardless of geographical proximity to you specifically, it’s important to choose a graphic design firm that is accessible and responsive, especially on time-sensitive projects.

Video-chat, for example, can easily substitute for in-person meetings when working remotely with a graphic design firm.


Graphic design services start with communication. This is the part of the process where the graphic design firm asks questions about your business and your product to understand your goals for a design.

How does it work? What will it look like? What makes it unique? Most importantly, what are your values, and what do you care most about in this process? To get the most out of a graphic design agency, make time to meet with a designer and share as much information as possible. Visual examples are also helpful.

When you show a graphic design firm designs that you like or don’t like, you give them a better framework for understanding what you’re looking for. This way, they can obtain the tools they need to make a design that represents your goals and targets your product’s audience.


Once you share your ideas and goals with the graphic design firm, they can begin work on the first draft. When that draft is completed, you provide feedback so that they can make revisions and fine-tune the details of the project.

In fact, there are usually several cycles of draft designs and feedback before the final design is ready. This way, the designer can create a design that represents your business’s values and showcases your product’s best features for your audience.


Optimal graphic design services involve collaboration within a graphic design firm with professionals who have different skill sets. First, designers and content writers discuss the product with engineers. As mentioned above, one reason for this is that engineers and industrial designers have the most thorough knowledge of the product the design should represent.

Next, content writers create product descriptions, which designers then use. Usually, this happens when designers format the text, choosing certain words and phrases to highlight as they do so.

Sometimes, a word or phrase might be useful for a designer trying to communicate a company’s intangible values. “Loyalty” or “reliability,” for example, might be difficult to represent as an image, so a designer could make those words part of a corporate identity design.

What You Get Out of a Graphic Design firm

  • Logos
  • Product sell sheets or flyers
  • Product Catalogs
  • Websites
  • User Interfaces
  • Packaging
  • Banners
  • Trade Show Booths

All of these materials are resources that are optimized to help you reach your target audience and get potential customers to notice your product.


LA NPDT is a unique example of a graphic design agency where graphic designers are part of the team developing the product. Just like the project managers, engineers, and industrial designers working on the product, graphic designers have also been exposed to the process of creating your product from the beginning of your involvement with our team. Consequently, they understand your vision for your product to a greater extent than a graphic design firm that only specializes in corporate identity design.

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