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Top 3 Halloween themed products

Halloween has arrived at LA NPDT!We think it’s the best moment to talk about our top 3 Halloween Products.

Over the years inventors, product designers and entrepreneurs have been trying their best to make Halloween scarier. Let’s highlight and talk a bit about our top 3 favorite Halloween products.

Animatronic Body parts & Heads

Now-a-days, body parts, limbs, heads and entire animatronics have become rather popular and even essential when it comes to planning a Halloween party. Most of them have movements controlled by remote or even programmable electronics.

These halloween products or innovations catch the eyes of everyone and terrorize any unsuspecting visitors of any age.

Pumpkin Carving Kits

One of the most-have Halloween products for families and friends to do, a tradition that has been a classic since the 80’s, is carving pumpkins. With a carving kit, you can let your imagination run wild.

These kits contain a wide spectrum of tools that can used when it comes to carving your best pumpkin yet. You can vary the size, shape, and texture with the tools provided. With these kits, you can make ghoulish pumpkins that will scare the socks off any unsuspecting bystanders.

Thanks to the Bardeen Family, creators of the first carving set, we can now carve away.

Illuminated Carrying Devices

This is one of the relatively new Halloween products, although it has been around for over the last decade, it came from an idea trying to make trick-or-treating an easier and safer activity. It removes the need of carrying a flashlight during the door to door trips.

The lights are located around the bag with decorative patterns. The lights are powerful enough to illuminate the way. These bags are an improvement on child safety, giving you the ability to see a child wherever they are.

What are you waiting to get in touch with us and discuss your Halloween products ideas! you can be the next massive hit!

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