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How Creating a Prototype Can Help You in Raising Investments

How Creating a Prototype Can Help You in Raising Investments

Every innovator is a competitor. And the people you are competing with are in their thousands. Interestingly, everyone wants to have their share from the same funding pool

But guess what? Only a few people get their desired funding at the end of the day. And there just might be a thing or two that these few businesses have decided to implement in their presentation strategy towards investors. 

For starters, it makes sense that you seek to do what most inventors would probably not do. This makes you catch the attention of the investors. And prototype 3D printing could be the deciding factor of whether they would go with you or somebody else in the market. 

So, do you want to know more about how making a 3D prototype can increase your chances of funding? Here is the secret.

 Why You Should Engage Prototype 3d Printing In Your Business

  • Creates Credibility

As a business owner, creating 3D prototypes is a major way you show that you are serious about your work. It shows that your idea is scalable in the market and it has real potential. And to be honest, there is no other way an investor would be able to see the viability without interacting with a concrete sample of it.

Have you ever tried to buy stuff on Etsy or Amazon? You would observe that there are product images, and sometimes videos, that mirror what you want to buy. These are samples of the product and they are compelling enough to make you click on “buy item”. 

In the same way, many investors turn down pitches and proposals in their hundreds. And if you do not want to join the pool of turned-down investments, getting a sample to show them could just be that lifeline that changes everything. 

Building 3D prototypes is integral to the proof-of-concept phase in your product development. And it shows how well your product looks and is ready to be engaged with. It is perhaps the most compelling element in your entire investment pitch. 

Thus, you cannot afford not to have one built to show credibility in the market. And before investors. 

  • Turns Your Idea Into Reality

Ideas, no matter how strong they are, are still at best, ideas. And most investors do not invest in mere ideas. You have to show them that you have a working product before they can release their capital to you. 

You always have to prove yourself and show a sign of good faith that the resources about to be committed into your hands would be used smartly. And how best to show that than by giving them a sample of what you intend to spend the capital on. 

That means if you want higher chances of funding in your business, you should be looking towards how much the 3D prototype costs. That way, you would be sure to bring your ideas to reality and attract ready investors. 

  • Evokes An Emotional Connection

Do you know that some investors give towards your company because they feel an emotional attachment to the vision, product, and often, prototype put forward by the company? The latter shows the credibility of the vision or idea carried by the inventor. Thus, it propels them to release capital to scale the mass production of such products. 

As opposed to what many people think, emotions play a huge role in decision-making. And investing in your company is a decision to be made by the investor. So, how about you leverage that angle and employ 3D prototypes to evoke nice emotions that could work in your favor?

How can your prototype evoke emotions in the investor? Well, it works by the principle of impression. Once they see and like it, they are impressed by what they see and are open to identifying with it. 

  • User Research Becomes Very Easy

This works both before and after the prototyping stage. Before you work on the prototype, you could ask other experienced inventors or your potential investors what metrics are integral to the pitch’s success. Thus, you can integrate their feedback into the prototype. 

This does something remarkable for your business. It shows the investors that you care about user feedback and are serious about getting the product to the end users by paying attention to little details. And that is a green light for them in your startup. 

At the base of it, the investors would be compelled to think that you can avoid major pitfalls that many businesses like yours are exposed to

Further, with a model product – the 3D prototype – you can test-run new ideas even after the investment is made. With more market research, you can improve on the sample already made instead of going for full-blown mass production at once. This also helps to reduce product development costs in the long run. 

Biggest Questions On How Creating a Prototype Can Help You In Raising Investments

How does prototyping benefit a business?

There are many ways prototypes can give wings to your business. The major ways are via significantly reduced costs in terms of money, time, and energy. Other ways are through low-risk user feedback and inputs during the design process as well as investor attraction.

How do prototypes raise money?

Try as much as possible to keep the prototyping costs at the barest minimum. You could consider bootstrapping or putting in your savings. This shows that you are passionate and serious about your product and investors would be prompted to give you some capital to scale up.

How can prototypes be helpful?

How prototypes help businesses is that it mirrors how the real-time and future product would look like.

Why is it important to create a prototype product?

Creating a prototype is very important in your product development because it allows you to test and fine-tune your product ideas.

It becomes apparent that to catch attention, you must create a magnet. 3D prototype printing is your magnet for investments and funding for your business. By easily understanding the points noted above, you would stand a better chance of raising capital for your business out of the many competitions out there. 

Do you want an excellent product development plan from scratch till execution? Then you should definitely reach out to LA NPDT. We are always hands-on when it comes to taking your business from where it is to where you want it to be. We deal in taking your products from ideas into reality. We have many services available for you, including our flagship CAD models and PCB circuits, building prototypes, and a host of others. Reach out to us today through a direct call at 318-243-5789 or via lanpdt.com.

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