As a market research company, LA NPDT works to collect the necessary information you need to bring your product into being with the greatest chance of success. Prior art search services provide an opportunity to make sure that your idea is unique compared to similar, existing ideas in order to give you the best chance at success.

Other research strategies, such as consumer surveys, focus groups, and market analysis, provide the necessary information about the market environment to make decisions in a way that improves your product’s appeal to potential customers. Overall, this approach is a way of preparing your product for the future by eliminating as many uncertainties as possible.


Jumping into your product’s market without any knowledge about your customers beforehand is a risk you want to avoid.

Instead, conducting market research early on, before your product’s public debut, is an investment in the long-term success of your idea. This process has real-world applications since the data collected from effective market research will help you make concrete decisions as you move forward in development. 

LA NPDT is a market research company that gathers market data, such as
customer feedback, online analytics, historical data, and surveys.

Then, we will help you use all of that data to give your product its best chance out in the world. In the long run, the information we collect will help you steer clear of the inconvenience and expense of discovering in the later stages of development—or worse, after the product is introduced to the public—that you need to change critical product features to suit your customers’ needs.


In order to get a patent for an idea, it has to be new and exceptional. Prior Art is an umbrella term for media (such as patents, pictures, videos, or descriptions) depicting a concept for an invention that is similar to the one you intend to develop.

Already-existing information on an idea too similar to the one you want to develop will make a patent impossible to obtain, which is one reason that this step in the process is so important.

Through prior art search, patent databases, as well as non-patent literature available to the public, we make sure that what you intend to create isn’t too similar to what others have already done and can be patented in the first place.

We also conduct primary market research. This is a term for the data we collect ourselves through surveys and polls.  Using effective methods is especially important at this stage to make sure that the information we collect reflects real-world outcomes. For example, those who take our surveys are real potential customers, not just the people we happen to know. It’s just as important also to know the questions we want to ask. You can’t produce useful information in a research model without set goals pertaining to the kind of answers you want.

Additionally, market research includes identifying your competitors and analyzing their strategies. Accomplishing this will help answer questions about how your plans compare to what they are already doing and provide a sense of direction for your own strategy. Learning about others’ strengths and weaknesses in the field can help you evaluate yours and is, once again, an important aspect of determining your likelihood of success as you introduce a new product.


This phase of development will answer questions you probably already have about how to publicize your idea, how to determine pricing, or even whether or not to set up a subscription model. When we’ve completed the process of market research, you will be equipped with the tools you need to continue making decisions about your product.  

Furthermore, you will discover valuable information about the market where you intend to introduce a new product: How big is it? Who is interested in what you offer? Which demographics should you keep in mind? What is your strategy in publicizing your idea? LA NPDT is a market research company that will help you resolve many of these uncertainties.  Ultimately, this process will give you confidence in making the right judgment as you continue to plan: either to introduce design modifications and better meet your customers’ wants and needs or to proceed, confident in that your product design and business model is fully equipped to meet those needs.


With LA NPDT, you have the opportunity to obtain expert knowledge about your product’s potential.

Market research is the best way to prepare your product for success, and that is precisely what we do.



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