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How To Develop Product Ideas Using The 3d Ideation Process

According to Inc Magazine, a successful American business magazine, only 14 percent of promising ideas make it to the product development stage. The statistics also show that only 6 percent of all known ideas succeed commercially. You will find on the page how to get out of your current situation and how to get proper invention help.

The statistics above show the gap between the number of people who can be creative, the ideas they generate, and the development success of those ideas. Therefore, there is a need for an initial stage of the product development process. This stage is called the ideation process.

In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about getting invention help or transforming an idea into a commercial success. In addition, you will find the steps to refine and develop product ideas.

What is Ideation Process in Light of Invention Help?

You need an ideation process to develop products. This first stage of product development includes generating ideas and finding solutions for ambiguities in an initial idea. Also, the ideation process makes communicating ideas to others possible.

Against popular opinion, it is not only a stage for producing an idea or invention help. This stage deals with finding better ways of executing certain processes of an idea.

You need to know how to go about developing your initial idea. Hence, we are introducing a three-step process called the 3D ideation process. 

Invention Help: 3D Ideation Process

In this section, you will find out how to make your idea concrete by finetuning it. Then, it will show you every important feature of your idea before it gets to the stage of product development. The stages in this process are Device, Detail, and Describe.

  1. Device: This stage is where you document your thoughts. It is where you take the idea or product out of your head by writing it, recording it, or using graphics design software.

It includes capturing your idea through sketches, brief descriptions, visual representation, etc. This process aims to make your thought or idea perceptible. Hence, you have to put it on tangible media.

  1. Detail: You have to develop that idea you have put on tangible media. Therefore, this stage is where you improve and make that idea (look) better. To achieve your desired better look, you have to perform critical thinking.

According to the California State University, Northridge, critical thinking is making detailed observations. In addition, it involves distinguishing facts from opinions. The page further talks about elements of critical thinking.

Critical thinking has to do with considering the idea using different perspectives. And using these perspectives to shape your idea by removing parts that are not feasible. Through this stage, you can focus on areas with more potential and promise.

Besides critical thinking, it would help to explore the landscape through thorough research. The landscape you will explore is dependent on your product idea.

Whatever the product is or invention help you need, look out for similar products in the market. Sometimes, you can use your intuition to explore the market. For instance, what do customers want from the product, or what possible need does it meet?

For hardware products, you must consider their size, shape, length, shipping, manufacturing, packaging, state and federal regulations, and other specifics that apply to your product or idea. Think about your product from different angles and perspectives.

For software products, you can use graphical tools to sketch how the UI and other app components will look. You can even project the product into the feature. This projection will help you know what value your product will serve in the market in a year, ten years, or more.

In summary, this stage is where you apply necessary specifics to your initial vision and ideas before product developement. This step is where you apply all forms of creativity to the product.

It involves gathering all the possible information to shape your product. This stage will make developing your product idea very nice, promising, realistic, and feasible.

  1. Describe: In this stage, you want to present your idea so that anybody can understand the product. Therefore, it has to be easy and logical to understand. And you have to come up with something concise but detailed enough for a random person.

When they are done reading, they must know the importance of the product and why it is better than existing alternatives. Perhaps it is a new initiative with nothing like it before; a random reader must be able to tell what they can accomplish with it.

While putting together your description when looking for invention help, you may notice some initial idea gaps. You have to go back and finetune some of those details. It would help if you reiterated these stages until you are sure the idea is what you want to showcase and any random person can understand it.

Hottest Questions on How to Develop Product Ideas

Here are some of the most popular questions asked by our clients on developing product ideas.

How do you develop a product idea?

You first need to understand what your idea is, what it will do, and how your product will be different or better than existing alternatives. Hence, you have to devise, detail, and describe it.

What is step three in the product design process?

The three steps of any product design process are to create, adapt, and deliver. Therefore, the third step of this process is ensuring that the product meets regulations and standards.

What are three sources of new product ideas?

You can get new product ideas from customers, distributors, and private institutions. There are several other sources, but getting information from customers has been the most effective over the years.

What are the three ways to generate ideas?

You can generate new ideas by thinking outside the box. Firstly, it could be breaking the pattern of old thinking patterns. But, aside from that, you can get fresh perspectives and make new connections.

Bottom Line

Only a few percentages of ideas make it to product development. Hence, you need an ideation process. This process is more than just producing ideas. You need to make your idea perceptible by putting it on tangible media.

Also, through critical thinking and exploring the product landscape, your need to make your idea (look) better. Lastly, you have to come up with a product description that is concise but detailed.

This description should be enough for a random person to read and understand what your product is about and why it is better than existing alternatives. Your team of designers and developers also needs it to develop products.

LA NPDT is focused on making a difference in the marketplace through product innovation. Our cross-functional team will transform your product ideas into business ventures. Some of our services are CAD models and PCB circuits, building prototypes, and more. Contact us today through lanpdt.com or call directly at 318-243-5789.

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