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Inventors Should Look Out for Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is here to stay

Augmented reality is here to stay, and for anyone who thinks of himself or herself as an inventor, it is a technology field that is worth checking out. We can all recall the insanity that ensued over the augmented reality enhanced mobile app, Pokemon Go! Just imagine the immense possibilities and opportunities available in this emerging field. To date, augmented reality has mainly been a novelty in the market, seen as something that is “fun” but not exactly useful in a lot of specific ways. All that is about to change, however. This technology that is currently a novelty is poised to take over the world in more ways than one, and all entrepreneurs and professionals need to be aware of it. This trend has only been enhanced by established technologies that are implementing augmented reality in their product lines. The two tech powerhouses, Google and Apple have both committed to adding augmented reality technology to their brand new flagship phones, the Pixel 2 and the iPhone X. Snapchat owes this technology for their remarkable growth due to the unique ways one can interact with their friends. As this activity and innovation continue, 2018 could very well be called “the year of augmented reality.”

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Model T

When cars were first invented, they were seen as a fun, cool toy, but people still relied on trains and boats to get around for many years afterward. The reasons for this were numerous. First, people didn’t understand how they could use cars effectively. Second, the infrastructure for regular car use wasn’t built yet. Just imagine the first car available to the masses was the Model T in 1908, but the U.S. government waited until 1956 to decide to build a national system of highways. Thankfully the government is not in charge of implementing this brand new technology. Third, people were not yet comfortable with cars. In much the same way, we are going to see augmented reality slowly become integrated into our lives. What we have seen to date is just the very beginning: we have a long way to go, but as history tends to move in bursts, 2018 could very well be a significant intermediary between the pre- and post-augmented reality revolution areas.

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The significant precursors to this revolution are, of course, Snapchat and Instagram stories. The filters on these platforms are augmented reality in a big way, making it possible to add new elements to photos without the regular labor and time required when using image manipulation programs. Also without the technical expertise that may have been required years ago. Soon, the level of high-quality graphics once the exclusive domain of big-budget Hollywood action movies will be available to all people with the touch of a button, forever changing the way we record our lives.

la new product development teamFrom there, it is just a matter of time until we are connecting that technology with the world changing virtual reality lenses that are honestly driving augmented reality technology forward. While 2018 may not be the end-all for this shift; it is bound to be significant, if only because of the developments that have already been set up throughout 2017. We know that the technology is here and there is an overwhelming demand for it: now all that needs to happen is for us the people to adopt it. As an inventor, you can stay ahead of the curve by being aware of this trend and realizing that change in the field is coming, its social media component leading the way as it has so far without fail. The future is will genuinely be augmented for the sake of this new technology.

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