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LA New Product Development Team is Celebrating its First Anniversary


la new product development team

LA New Product Development Team is proudly celebrating its first anniversary. Now a well-recognized name in the industry, the company opened its doors in the fall of 2016 and has never looked back since. Konstantin Dolgan and Onega Ulanova were the two founders of this team that has now become a symbol of product development and offers a wide range of services in product design, development, prototyping, and commercialization.

“We are delighted to have completed our debut year which was a tremendous success and we have great plans for the years ahead.” Said Onega Ulanova, the Co-Founder of the LA New Product Development Team while talking about the first anniversary of the company in Louisiana. “We have a diverse group of people working here with diverse experiences and most of our team members are the graduates of the Louisiana Tech University. According to the co-founder, the company supports the alumni of Louisiana Tech University.

Our Clients

The clients of LA NPDT have been featured in several leading media outlets including the New York Times, Business Insider, Animal Planet, Shreveport Times, and many others. Another amazing fact about the company’s clientele is that these clients come from a very diverse array of backgrounds. From property rental companies such as Bayou Property Rentals to product designs for electronic gadget companies, corporate offices, automotive industry, real estate, e-commerce and high-tech organizations, the clients of LA NPDT have shared phenomenal reviews regarding the services offered by the company.


la new product development team

Community Involvement

Another primary objective of the company is to make generous and meaningful contributions in supporting the local community. The dream of Onega and Konstantin with this company was to make this world a better place through their input, and they have succeeded a lot in this mission. Konstantin Dolgan was recently nominated for the prestigious 40 Under 40 Award. Konstantin is a Ph.D. with a rich experience in engineering as well as research and development. The company has participated and organized multiple events including the SEBD workshop, FastTrax, USPTO day, and several others.

“LA New Product Development Team is basically an end-to-end product development company that makes ideas possible.” Said Konstantin Dolgan, while talking about the company. “Our mission is to facilitate business prosperity through product innovation, and I can proudly say that we have made significant progress in this one year,” he added while talking about the company’s mission. With his leadership and vision, the startup that was born several years ago now has international clientele with some of the leading businesses on board. Outside of work, Konstantin is a soccer player, a dog owner, and a volunteer at various business-oriented organizations.

What drives us

According to the founder, the core values of LA New Product Development Team are diversity, appreciation, equality, valuing the opinions and experiences of each team member, well-thought decision making, dedication, and integrity above all. Moreover, the experts working at the company believe in thinking outside the box and doing right things the first time. Also, the company is known for delivering according to its promises and appreciates healthy arguing among the members.

“We at LA NPDT, strongly believe in using collaboration, innovation, entrepreneurship, and risk-taking to achieve consistent and effective results for our clients,” said Onega Ulanova, while talking about the company’s core strategies. “We are proud to be a multicultural team and bring the best from all of us for the betterment of our customers.” She added. As a co-founder and business development manager at LA New Product Development, Onega is passionate about helping companies breathe life into their brand and their existing or new product portfolios. Before co-founding the LA NPDT, she was the youngest female International Lead Auditor at the American Petroleum Institute.

The diversity in its team makes the LA New Product Development Team the ideal choice for diverse types of projects. Each day the company gets a wide range of small and large-scale projects from various industries. In simple words, the company has become a one-stop solution provider for the aspiring as well as existing entrepreneurs and during its first year, it has already received several phenomenal testimonials from its long list of satisfied clients. For inventors, innovators and revolutionaries, the LA New Product Development Team provides a complete range of new product development services from product conceptualization and design to prototyping and marketing.

Some of the significant achievements made by the LA NPDT company during this first year also include the grant from LA Tech’s Innovation Enterprise Fund for the internal project Grapheno. This project went on to become one of the finalists in the BioChallenge Innovation. Moreover, Konstantin Dolgan was inducted as a jury member at the 2017 INPEX tradeshow. In addition, LA NPDT was also one of the sponsors of LA Startup Prize. The company has also been featured on several major platforms including KTBS, Silicon Bayou, NOEW, and many others. Also, the videographers and photographers at the company received several international awards and recognitions during this one year.

LA New Product Development Team Featured on KTBS 3, Shreveport, Louisiana, September 2017

LA New Product Development Team Featured on KTBS 3, Shreveport, Louisiana, September 2017


During its first year, LA New Product Development Team has become a member of some of the most prestigious clubs and organizations, such as the Rotary Club, BNI, the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, the Bossier City Chamber of Commerce, the LA Tech Alumni association, BBB, ASQ, SPE, and some other.

A+ BBB Accredited Business, BNI, Rotary Club Member - LA NPDT

A+ BBB Accredited Business, BNI, Rotary Club Member – LA NPDT

Furthermore, the LA New Product Development Team is also striving hard to play an integral role in the economic development of Louisiana by promoting local entrepreneurship in the area and several other initiatives. In this regard, the company has participated in several initiatives including the Firestarter’s Sponsors and Advisors for Louisiana Startup Prize of 2017, Educational event organizing at an SEBD event, hosting and marketing of the 2017 ‘Innovate Her’ event to name a few. Also, the company has participated in INPEX 2017, Committee chair for Minority Business Opportunity Award with Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce and has also helped in organizing ‘The Future Jobs’ Conference with LEDA.

With the inspiring leadership of amazing people like Konstantin and Onega, the company is setting new examples in the industry and is polishing a new generation of independent thinkers and creative business strategists. The company is growing along with its clients, which is truly remarkable, and the accomplishments made in one year’s time are impressive in this industry. With an aim and theme of “Making Your Ideas Possible”, the LA New Product Development Team has a promising future ahead of itself in the years to come, and it deserves to be congratulated on such a remarkably successful maiden year.


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