Turning product ideas into reality and bringing them to the market is what we love and do every day. It’s an incredible feeling to take a non-material concept, develop it into a tangible product, and then see it improving people’s lives. Whether it’s realizing our own or our customers’ invention ideas, we’re always driven by out-of-the-box approach, creativity, and product innovation.

LA New Product Development Team, About Us


Each product is a solution
to the problem.

As a product development firm, we work towards turning ideas into physical products that bring real solutions to people’s daily challenges. And solving problems is our obsession. In fact, every idea we come up with or take on for design and development addresses a particular problem. Due to the diverse backgrounds and expertise of our team, we are able to look at a problem from different perspectives. We then combine the best elements of each into a superior solution. And based on that solution, we further develop and create the optimal product design options.

Do you have a problem that requires creative solution? Whether you’re an independent inventor, a big company or a government entity, no matter the scale and size of your challenge – our team can help. Discuss your project with our experts today!

LA New Product Development Team, About Us


We are experts at turning
ideas into market-ready

LA New Product Development Team, About Us

LA New Product Development Team, About Us

LA New Product Development Team is a cross-functional team of engineers, designers, and marketing specialists. Each team member brings technical expertise and years of field experience into every project. Such new product development services as product design, prototyping, marketing, and small batch manufacturing are available for our clients, as well as applied in our team’s internal projects. This includes developing CAD models and PCB circuits, building prototypes, optimizing product designs for manufacturing, creating marketing materials (packaging, websites, renderings), and more. Although our main focus lies in developing hardware products, we also provide high-quality website design, 3D animations, and mobile app development. Here you can find more information about all the services we offer.

LA New Product Development Team, About Us


The key element is our
diverse team.

Since the inception of our product development firm, we’ve turned hundreds of product ideas into reality. We tackle projects by splitting them into “bite-sized” stages. This allows everyone to stay focused and keep the process of developing a new product on track and under control. As a basis for our methodology we use SCRUM. It enables us to achieve high productivity. Specifically, it helps to focus on what matters most and to track our progress with metrics.

Over the years, we’ve learned how to translate requests and wants into feasible product designs. We combine a clear understanding of product’s goals with the expertise and the technical know-how of our team. Consequently, it results in great solutions and often exceeds expectations. Our product development process successfully worked for a variety of industries. They range from clothing and toys to wearable electronic gadgets and heavy machinery. Check out our works in portfolio.

LA New Product Development Team, About Us


We believe in enabling
and growing businesses
through product

LA New Product Development Team, About Us

LA New Product Development Team, About Us

Every day we realize product ideas and turn them into business ventures. Seeing an idea in a draft, then a prototype and finally a product reaching its end-user is very fulfilling and encourages us to go forward. Also, we believe in entrepreneurship and the American Dream. In fact, turning ideas into reality allows us to realize our dream – a company that can make a difference in the marketplace through product innovation. And our UP line of products is a great example of that. The UP product line is a natural extension of our product development firm that features a variety of innovative and improved products like UPshield, UPdock, UPbottle, to name a few.

LA New Product Development Team, About Us  HOW WE

LA NPDT began its journey in 2014 when Konstantin Dolgan and Onega Ulanova formed a student organization at Louisiana Tech University. Both Konstantin and Onega moved to the United States from Kazakhstan. They came with a dream of getting their graduate degrees in Engineering. The school allowed them to meet passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated people who wanted to make an impact. By leveraging their education in engineering and experience in business and management, the couple started a student organization named LA New Product Development Team. Two years later the organization evolved into a product development firm. Since then the team successfully turns product ideas into reality on a daily basis. The first office opened its doors in Shreveport, Louisiana on the 26th of September, 2016.

LA New Product Development Team, About Us MEET THE TEAM

We are a cross-functional team with a unique combination of skills and expertise.

We practice SCRUM and know how to get things done!


LA New Product Development Team, About Us

It’s time to turn your ideas into reality. If you have a product idea or a problem that needs solving, contact our experts today!



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LA New Product Development Team, About Us

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LA New Product Development Team, About Us

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