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Brandace Latin, Video Invite

Dr. Bob Cunnigham, Stir n Go

Shane Rotharmel, ICBX

Wayne Nix, RNvention

Dr. Barry Stevens

President @ TBD America

The organization, team and its management team were cohesive, well organized and highly professional.

Jacob Penn

Inventor & Entrepreneur

ABOVE AND BEYOND! The team sets you up for success and will work creatively to assist you in your mission. A true pleasure to work with a company so good. I will be using them again in the future.

Catalina Park

CEO @ C&C Spectrum Innovations

Amazing experience! By far the most professional, punctual, and talented designers I’ve come across. The words are not enough to describe the quality of the experience I’ve had with LA NPDT. Thank you so much!

Christie Tristan

3D Printing Customer

My order was completed the same day and I was able to pick it up next day. Was perfect in every way. Will use again. A++ product and service.

Betty Petersen

President @ Ouachita Women’s Tennis Association

We have been trying to get the web page to a point that we can register members online and also sign up for leagues as well as pay online. You [Konstantin Dolgan] and your team [LA NPDT] have accomplished this and more in a little over a month! We are extremely pleased with your efforts.

Carmela Glover


Both Konstantin and his team demonstrated their commitment to making my project successful from start to finish. They worked tirelessly to ensure the result was exactly what I had envisioned. I would recommend this team to anyone looking for skilled and committed support.

Luke D. Jordan

Inventor & Entrepreneur

Work ethic, attention to detail and superior skillsets are available to anyone who partners with LA NPDT. I was amazed at how critical they were of each aspect of our project, and helped develop a truly outstanding product in the process. You can’t find a better engineering crew anywhere else.

Kathy Wyatt

Director @ Technology Business Development Center

LA NPDT demonstrated an extraordinary level of commitment as they worked long hours, weekends, and holidays in order to fulfill their mission of innovative product design and deployment.

Dr. Dave Norris

Chief of Innovation @ Louisiana Tech

The LA New Product Development Team is an excellent example of entrepreneurial student initiative that is helping to grow a strong culture of innovation.

Quentin Messer

Assistant Secretary @ Louisiana Economic Development

LA New Product Development Team is an impressive group that embodies the best of the Louisiana Spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship.

Jennifer C. Marshall

Inventor & Web Entrepreneur

If it weren’t for LA NPDT, I would have NEVER got my product off the ground. This team helped me analyze my product and helped me eliminate what wasn’t going to work. I truly don’t know where I’d be without their help. They were a huge life-saver. Thanks LA NPDT!

Paul Davis


I ordered 3D printing service on their website and was very happy with the result. LANPDT printed my item in just a couple of days and shipped it to me. The quality of the print and the finishing was as requested. Thanks!

Richard Kordal, PhD, RTTP

Director, LA Tech Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization

Konstantin possesses a valuable combination of technical and business skills.


3D Printing Customer

Great turn around time and customer service! I placed my order Sunday night and was able to pick it up the next day.

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