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LA NPDT: The story behind The Orange Color

JPG 2 crop LinkedInAll of our monumental efforts to serve you and your business chisel down to the transformative values that LA NPDT promises to uphold. Our number one priority is always YOU, our customer. Our organization is here solely to listen to your ideas, fulfill your marketing needs, and answer any questions along the way. We also pride ourselves in providing top-notch quality of service.

We are a professional team of engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs budding with the knowledge and enthusiasm you need to bring your business dreams to life. LA NPDT settles for nothing less than the best.

If you are unhappy with the work we provide, we return to the drawing board until you are excited about your product.

Extensive training courses equip our team members with the skill sets they need to satisfy your every need. Finally, LA NPDT is fervently devoted to making a lasting societal impact on Louisiana’s workforce and communities.



As a representation of our creativity and innovation, we chose ORANGE as our branding color.


Orange represents excitement and positivity. It is inviting- mentally stimulating. Orange allows you to free your mind of any limitations, promoting the ability to realize and pursue your truest dreams and ideas. These are the emotions LA NPDT strives to promote in our clients and customers. We want you to think, to create, to dream! Dreams don’t have to remain dreams forever. We are here to help with the process.


Our ultimate goal as a New Product Development Company is to realize business ideas. We see this as a three step process: IDEATION, DEVELOPMENT , and LAUNCH.

Our LA NPDT logo – three orange circles (one empty, one half-full, and one full) is a representation of this three step process. The power is in your hands. The idea is yours. We are here to guide you and take you and your vision to a whole new level.


Turn your dreams into reality!

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LA NPDT: The story behind The Orange Color
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