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Grapheno by LA New Product Development Team

Funding for Grapheno

The Team is glad to announce that our proposal for completing the development and the commercialization of the technology for EMI/EMP shielding (Grapheno) was chosen for funding by the Innovation Enterprise Fund. We feel very excited and enthusiastic about the opportunity, and will employ all our knowledge, skills, and passion to create a multi-million dollar company from a concept one step at a time. Taking into account a large number of proposals submitted and an extremely high competition this year we very much appreciate the consideration the review panel has given to our proposal and the trust they expressed to LA NPDT.


Grapheno is a conductive coating. It is a propitiatory compound of graphene and paint. Grapheno protects sensitive electronics by absorbing harmful and unnecessary electromagnetic interferences. Electromagnetic interferences whether natural or man-made can result in electronic damage, loss of data, and interruption of vital modes of communication.

Innovation Enterprise Fund:

The Innovation Enterprise Fund supports the development of innovative technologies, products, and business ventures associated with or interested in associating with Louisiana Tech University. Priority is given to companies or projects with high commercialization or growth potential and prospects that are likely to have a substantial regional business presence.


LA New Product Development Team (LA NPDT) is a limited liability company (LLC) formed by LA Tech graduates and evolved from an on-campus student organization. The Team helps making business dreams a reality by providing a complete range of new product development services from product conceptualization and engineering to prototyping and marketing.

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LA NPDT's Grapheno Project Was Chosen for Funding by the Innovation Enterprise Fund
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