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Grapheno at the I-20 Top Twenty Event

Grapheno at I-20 Top Twenty-min

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Come learn about LA NPDT’s ongoing technology commercialization project, Grapheno, at the I-20 Top Twenty regional showcase event tonight!

This annual gathering of innovators and entrepreneurs features impressive economic and business development activities underway across the I-20 corridor in north Louisiana.

The showcase is attended by business and community leaders, investors, and other innovators throughout the region.  Last year’s gathering attracted more than 100 very engaged and enthusiastic thought leaders from north Louisiana and beyond.  An invitation for the event is attached.


Grapheno by LA NPDT at I-20 Top Twenty

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Grapheno is a conductive coating. It is a compound of graphene and paint. Grapheno protects sensitive electronics by absorbing harmful and unnecessary electromagnetic interference (EMI). Whether natural or man-made, EMI can result in damage of electronics, loss of data, and interruption of vital modes of communication.

Currently produced electronics is protected through various methods, including conductive coatings. These coatings are expensive as they are based on precious metals, such as copper, nickel, and silver. Grapheno solves this problem by substituting metals with low-cost graphene mass produced using a proprietary technology developed at LA Tech.

Grapheno is currently seeking partners, early adopters, and investors for conducting extensive and full-scale testing, obtaining certificates and permits, and establishing a manufacturing facility in Louisiana. The company is also looking for future suppliers and customers.

Please contact Grapheno at 318-243-5789 or [email protected].
Contact person: Dr. Konstantin Dolgan, Co-founder

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Learn About Grapheno at I-20 Top Twenty Event Tonight
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