LEIA, Dr. Elena Dolgan

LEIA: Redefining Sustainable Period Care

An all-inclusive menstrual solution, eliminating 300+ disposables per user each year.

In the vast world of menstrual care, there existed a significant problem—a majority of products in the market did not cater to everyone. Individuals with a low cervix or weakened pelvic floor muscles were often left searching for solutions that could provide both comfort and reliability. Moreover, the environmental toll of disposable menstrual products was adding up. Every year, millions of pads and tampons end up in landfills, contributing significantly to environmental degradation.

Enter Dr. Elena Dolgan, an OB/GYN with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by menstruating individuals. Aware of the shortcomings of existing products, Dr. Dolgan had a vision—to create a menstrual solution that was both inclusive and sustainable.

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Partnering with LA New Product Development Team, a union of technical expertise and clinical insight was forged. Our team, an FDA-registered manufacturing facility, combined its prowess in product design, development, prototyping, and manufacturing with Dr. Dolgan’s extensive medical knowledge. This collaboration aimed to tackle the glaring issues in menstrual care and provide a solution that could truly make a difference.

During the initial phases, it was evident that creating such a product wasn’t just about using different materials—it was about rethinking the design and function entirely. Multiple prototypes were developed, tested, and refined. Feedback was continually sourced, ensuring the final product would genuinely meet the diverse needs of its users.

The outcome? The LEIA menstrual cup—a game-changing solution in period care. Crafted using 100% medical-grade silicone rubber treated with a special coating, the cup offers a velvet-like feel, providing the comfort so many were seeking. Its design caters to varying cervical positions, ensuring inclusivity. And not just that, the LEIA cup lasts up to 15 years. Imagine the impact—each cup potentially prevents 4,500 single-use items from reaching our landfills during its lifetime.

Such a monumental feat was only possible through collaboration. Dr. Dolgan’s expertise in gynecology and LA NPDT’s comprehensive suite of services ensured that not only was the LEIA cup developed, but it was also efficiently manufactured and brought to market. 

To startup founders, doctors, business people, and corporate executives who recognize problems in their fields, the journey of the LEIA cup stands as a testament. It underscores the transformative power of partnership and innovation. Whether you’re a medical professional with an idea to revolutionize healthcare or an entrepreneur aiming to make a sustainable impact, collaboration can turn visionary concepts into tangible solutions.

As environmental concerns become increasingly central to consumers, products like LEIA are not just options; they’re necessities.

They represent a future where products are designed not just for immediate needs but with a broader vision of sustainability and inclusivity.

In conclusion, the LEIA menstrual cup isn’t just a product—it’s a movement. A movement towards more inclusive healthcare, towards sustainable choices, and towards a world where collaboration breeds innovation. At LA NPDT, we are proud to have played a pivotal role in this journey and invite others to join us in making a difference—one innovative solution at a time.

customer testimonial

“Partnering with LA NPDT to bring LEIA to life was a game-changer. Their blend of market analysis, design expertise, prototyping, and manufacturing streamlined my vision into a tangible solution.

As LEIA now positively impacts users worldwide by significantly reducing waste, I can’t emphasize enough the pivotal role LA NPDT played. For medical professionals with a product idea, there’s no team I’d recommend more.”


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With LEIA, we demonstrated that when profound industry knowledge combines with technical prowess, the result is a product that can make a global impact. Whether you’re a doctor with an innovative idea, a startup founder with a vision, or a corporate executive looking to solve a pressing challenge, our comprehensive suite of services, as exemplified by our collaboration on the LEIA project, can bring your ideas to fruition and beyond.


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