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Marketing 101: What You Need to Know to Successfully Launch a Product

Launching a new product is an exciting endeavor. With all the time, effort, money and other resources that have been poured into it to reach this pivotal moment, it’s important to market the product correctly.

New Product Marketing Step by Step

One of the most important elements of successfully launching a product is establishing a brand. This brand, as well as any images associated with it, should figure prominently on every type of marketing strategy that is implemented.


Determine the Types of Marketing Material You Need

The exact types of marketing materials that are best for your particular product depend on its specifications. However, there are some, such as landing pages, social media accounts and one page fliers, their use can help you to market a variety of products.

For a pet-oriented product, for example, a brochure, booklet, or poster can be powerful marketing materials for its launch. A brochure can provide detailed information regarding the product. If you are using a booklet, you could include related products and information regarding the way the product ties into an overall care plan for pets. Giving away posters with pictures of pets as part of the product launch is another popular marketing tool.


What Type of Copy Do You Need?

When you consider the type of copy that’s needed for the launch of your new product, start off with the brand vision and mission statement. Doing so allows you to explain why you are launching the product and what the ultimate goal that you hope to accomplish.

Be sure to include a thorough product description. This outlines what the product launch is and what the consumer can expect to accomplish after purchasing it. The product’s characteristics, as well as the reasons for including them, if applicable, can increase a consumer’s understanding of it.

Acknowledging the pain points that your customers experience is crucial in connecting with them. In addition, explaining how your product will solve those pain points is a huge selling point.


Involve the Right People

Launching a new product is a collaborative effort. In order to experience success, you need to involve the right people including those from within your organization and those outside it. For example, your partners should know about the launch. It is in their best interest to see it succeed.

People that should be involved include influencers, marketing agencies and anyone who can share the news about your new product. The more people that share the information you put out on the internet about the product launch, the more likely that it will meet your goals.

How Expensive is Hiring a Professional?

A product marketing agency typically charges one of two ways:

A certain commission that is tied to your yearly advertising expenditures or based on the time that is spent putting the launch together.

The extent of the product launch and advertisements used also affect the cost of the process.

Which Marketing Channels Should You Use?

Today’s marketing channels span the traditional word of mouth marketing to those that use the latest trends such like social media. Email marketing, your website, pay-per-click advertising and SEO-oriented content. Are other tools that can be utilized product marketing companies to effectively launch your product.

Ideally, your product launch will involve numerous marketing channels so a wide audience is notified. Consulting with an experienced product marketing firm provides you with a focused product launch plan that is tailored to your own particular needs.

A product launch is too important to do in-house. Instead of adding another job to your already-busy day, or that of your employees, partner with us!


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