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Parenting is the hardest job in the world, they say. It takes effort and resilience, and a lot of your time. Same as running a business does. But looking at modern full-time parents who become successful inventors and entrepreneurs, the question arises – how do they manage to do it? And the answer is simple. Their new product ideas are inspired by their parenting experience to help them take better care of their children and ease their parenthood. They don’t wait until somebody will create what they need, they do it themselves. And because they know how challenging it is to raise a child, they are driven to go all the way and bring their product to the market in order to help other parents out there.

The stories of parents-inventors are truly inspiring. And we want to share some of them with you. So that when you have an invention idea, you will know that you can realize it. Because if busy mommies and daddies are doing it, then you definitely can do it too!

InfantTech  Zooby Car & Home Baby Monitor

Giuseppe Veneziano and Lizette Espinosa are happy parents of two kids and business partners. The couple co-founded Infanttech after they invented Zooby Baby Monitor.  The idea for the device came from Lizette’s everyday problem of driving with their first newborn baby.

She felt anxious and not being able to focus on the road while trying to keep an eye on the baby in the back. The rear mirror didn’t do well and turning around wasn’t the safest option. She shared her concerns with her husband. Lizette said that it would be great to have a tool that would help her see the baby while driving without compromising their safety.

That inspired Guiseppe to solve the problem. He brainstormed various new product ideas and finally came up with the Zooby Baby Monitor.

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Safety is a priority

Zooby is a stuffed toy and a digital video monitor at the same time. You can use it at home or in the car. The stuffed animal has the camera mounted in its nose, Velcro and safety buckle straps on its paws for easy mounting.

It also has Internal Bendineck technology so that you can angle the camera for optimal viewing. Each Zooby comes with a parent’s wireless monitor. It features a 4.3-inch LCD screen and night vision, which you can mount on the windshield.

You can attach the toy to car headrests for use with rear- and forward-facing car seats, as well as almost any location in the house. Hanging it on the diaper bag makes it easy to bring your zooby with you when you travel.

Challenge turned around

As innovative and convenient this device is, its journey to market success took some extra effort and learning from the first-timer inventors. When the duo presented their zooby prototype at the large trade show, one social media influencer commented that she had a concern about the zooby being a potential projectile in the car.

That one but harsh opinion pushed Guiseppe and Lizette to crash test the zooby. When you have an invention, it’s natural for the design and its features to go through many iterations until the optimal result is achieved. In zooby’s case, they added double closure Velcro and buckle safety straps, which allowed the device to achieve the highest child car safety standards and pass the crash test.

What looked like a negative review for the couple in the beginning, turned into a safe and successful entry to the market.

CollapseAndGo Baby Bottle and Sipping Cup

The invention journey for Lauren and Matt Shapiro began when they tried to find a collapsible bottle for their daughter and failed to find one in the stores.

The necessity for such a bottle came from unorganized cabinets and a diaper bag always overstuffed with too many baby things, including bulky bottles. They needed a functional but compact bottle that they could easily store anywhere from dresser to the pocket.

That’s when Matt decided to create a product that would  make their and other parents everyday baby routine easier. These inventor’s example illustrates well what you do when you have an invention idea.

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Brainstorming new product ideas

To have an invention idea was a start for Lauren and Matt. And from there the couple began brainstorming and researching all the features they would like for the bottle to have from parents’ perspective. They bought a variety of top bottles and sipping cups available on the market and started to write down what they liked and didn’t like in them. Afterwards, they incorporated the best features that they believe make the CollapseAndGo bottle one of a kind product.

The result

CollapseAndGo is a portable bottle that collapses to the pocket size when not used. It is made from a food grade silicone that doesn’t stain and crack. It is BPA free, dishwasher safe, and spill-proof. Many conventional bottles create an issue with excess air intake, which makes babies very uncomfortable.

But the CollapseAndGo bottle allows you to release extra air by collapsing it. Another common problem of regular bottles that Matt and Lauren have solved is the mold. Unfortunately, it grows overtime inside the bottle hard-to-reach places. Their design has only three parts that you can easily undone and clean. One of the best and very important features is that the bottle is shaped like mom.

That design saves babies from discomfort, and moms from stress, when transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle. The shape, feel, and texture are familiar and it’s easy for babies to hold it, and the transition goes smooth.

BlueSmart Mia Baby Feeding Sleeve Monitor

More and more people come up with new product ideas for babies that incorporate rapidly evolving smart technologies. Gisela Xie and her husband are one of those inventors.

“BlueSmart Mia was created to give parents comfort when adjusting to having a baby, as well as give them confidence in knowing that their baby is being properly taken care of even if they aren’t there in-person,” said Gisela, “Nothing can fully prepare an expectant mom or dad for the wonderfully exciting world of parenthood, and the anxieties that come with raising a little one.

We created BlueSmart Mia to help alleviate parents’ concerns surrounding baby feeding and enable them to stay up-to-date in real-time on their little one’s progress.”

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Feeding made smart

BlueSmart Mia is a smart bottle feeding system. It tracks and analyzes baby’s intake and consumption patterns. It is a safe and colorful silicone sleeve, which you place on the bottom of the bottle. Then, through Wi-Fi, it will transmit information regarding a baby’s feeding data.

It includes feeding amount, temperature, duration, and angle that the accompanying free app analyzes. Parents can share that data with grandparents, caretakers, and even email it to the pediatrician. The smart sleeve has indicators that guide each feeding. Temperature alerts show whether the milk is too hot or cold; angle alerts for optimal feeding, feeding reminders, expiration warnings for if you’ve left the breastmilk or formula out too long.

When parents go back to work or away, BlueSmart Mia keeps them connected to baby’s feedings with real-time monitoring, push notifications, and a complete summary after each feeding.

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