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How to Build Up Hype Before Your New Product Launch

If you are looking to launch a new product, you need to have the right strategy to make sure it thrives in your target market. Without this, you could face otherwise avoidable obstacles and not get as many sales or even traction. So don’t miss out on your chance to hit it out of the park with your next product; use the following strategies to build hype before your new product launch.

Email List

If you already have an email list, then you are in luck! According to Jeff Bullas, email lists are a perfect vehicle to hype your product and make sure it sells well from Day 1. Simply send a few teaser emails without giving away too much information. Then, closer to launch day, give more details about the product. Finally, on launch day, drop a link and a price and provide them with the opportunity to buy it.

Testing and Early Reviews

Get your product into the hands of reviewers early if you want major hype before launching. You don’t have to charge them for anything. Just provide them the product for free in exchange for an honest review. This increases the chances that people will give it a shot in the first place. The money you spend on free samples will be far outweighed by the positive buzz you can generate. Please consult with a business attorney to make sure you are legally protected when you give away products and bare responsibility for customer’s safety. It’s typically a good idea to get a product- and business liability insurances before giving away test samples. 


As Active Resource Group puts it: Even in a marketplace saturated with businesses that offer the same products and services as you, you are a one of a kind. And your product deserves attention. If you send a pitch to the right media companies with an interesting angle, they might be willing to feature your product in some type of story. Be sure to demonstrate how your product is cool or unique in this pitch. After all, blogs and online newspapers care about generating clicks, so help them understand how they can do that with your product, and you’re good to go.


In the old days, if you wanted to get your product famous in a short amount of time, you had to pair up with a tv celebrity or go on a popular show. Today, social media influencers are a new kind of stars that don’t need thousands of dollars to help you advertise your product. You can have your product mentioned by a significant influencer on Youtube or Instagram for under $1,000. Not sure how to get started? Read this.   Building hype is essential to your success with your new product. It gets attention, and it gets people excited to buy before you’ve even released anything. So use the advice above and launch your product to a steady stream of new customers ready to open their wallets for your creation.   We at LA NPDT are experts in product design, development, prototyping, and marketing. Contact us today to turn your dreams into reality!

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