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How does an idea come? Guess what? No one really knows. It chooses its own path. But your part is to trap it when it comes. A life-changing idea that would make everyone’s head twirl on release is always hidden in the subtlest things. Thus, in your product development pursuits, you should factor it in as a lead towards your business’ future.

In this article, you will pick up how to pay keen attention to the world around you for a big product idea. You would also see how you could build on the idea and engage the same for commercial uses. It’s not hard, really. You only have to observe, solve, and invent. 


We believe that ideas rule the world. That is, the little thoughts that pop in our minds at the oddest of times or periods when we deliberately call for them have the ability to change the world. And sometimes, all we have to do is to be patient enough to see through the details of natural happenings around us.

How did Isaac Newton discover the infamous law of gravity? He was sitting under an apple tree, and one of the fruits detached from its stalk and hit him. Well, it wasn’t only the apple that hit him at that moment. An idea did too. He thought to himself that if the natural phenomenon is that whatever is up falls to the ground, then there must be a force that makes that happen. And voila! That was the birth of knowledge about gravitational force. 

This simple event is a picture of our everyday life. Daily, there are places we go to, conversations we have, stories we listen to, and people we interact with. Each of these occasions might bring you inspiration for a challenge or ready-to-go decision to start a business or develop an idea.



It does not only matter that you are observant of the world around you. It also matters that the idea that you come up with can solve a specific problem in society. The last thing you want to do is make a product, and no one opts for it. Thus, your idea must be carefully curated to solve a need for people. And once it does, there is a clear market for such a product. So, right as you brainstorm and the idea hits you, you should also factor into consideration whether or not it has a specific need it meets with people around you. 

It’s pretty simple. As you go on in your daily life, whether personal or professional, you would meet with people. Not only that, you would talk with them, interact with them, and hear from them. When you do, do not only be keen on picking up what is making them uncomfortable. Be more open to seeing how you could craft up a solution to their discomfort. And sometimes, to do this, you would need the expertise of new product development firms.


No, go on to develop the solution-driven idea. Remember, the fact that it would be solving a problem means that there is pretty much an existing market waiting for it. A good story in this light is that of Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills. He spent decades recommending mouthwash products to patients who were advised not to brush for one week after certain procedures. He found that producers of those products would change their formulas or disappear altogether. So, in 2015, he developed his own Lumineux Oral Essential. If he ignored his clients’ needs, he would not create a best-selling product line. 

Further, this inventive stage is intertwined with a constant need for concept design services. And while you serve people, you would pick what areas of your product you should modify and enhance. A good example is a company that recognized an opportunity to expand its offering to meet customers where they shop the most. Honest Paws is a wellness brand specializing in CBD products formulated for pets.

Founded in 2016, Honest Paws makes premium pet products while striving to provide a world-class customer experience. The team at Honest Paws realized early on that they’d benefit from broadening their focus beyond CBD-based pet products into general pet wellness. As they expanded their line of products to include non-CBD offerings, they began to sell on Amazon. “We recognized how important it is to meet our customers everywhere they are, and a lot of them are on Amazon,” explains Josh Awad, the COO at Honest Paws.

At the end of the day, we would all realize that inventions are all around us. The next big idea is probably sitting right next to you, waiting to be actualized. You see, opportunities are there, and it takes an effort to bring them to life. Some people have a eureka moment and dedicate their lives to realizing that idea. Others are on a constant lookout for ideas through several deliberate brainstorming ventures. The truth is that both ways lead to success with effort. Thus, whether the idea comes to you mush easily, or you have to dig for it, the principles for the invention’s success remain the same. It must solve a need in society, and you must pump your energy into the product’s development. What you do not work on will not grow. This is a natural law of business. 


As noted earlier, the next product idea that would shake the world is right within and around you. Turning that idea into a world-class product requires some rigorous process, but you do not have to take on that burden on yourself. You could go on to observe, solve, and invent. And as a product development firm, we will be there to provide you with technical skills to develop your product.

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