MasterFlo: 3D Animations for the OTC 2018

MasterFlo: 3D Animations for the OTC 2018


Master Flo, a company specializing in custom flow management solutions in the global Oil and Gas industry. They’ve been building products that set the standards for flow management in surface and subsea applications since 1979.


Master Flo’s team being aware of LA NPDT’s capabilities as a leading 3D animation company in the area, got in touch with us to create not one, but two videos, both creative, surprising and different, aimed to grab the public attention. Our videography company was tasked with getting these videos produced within one month.

These videos were based on two technical presentations and were intended to be displayed at the largest Oil & Gas Expo held in Houston, TX: The Offshore Technology Conference 2018.

While working on the videos our digital video production company also needed to create the product housing and a banner for the SmartVue FC.


Our 3D animation company conceptualized all the technical aspects. We started by creating two hand-sketched storyboards backed by extensive research. Our 3D designers made models of the equipment, restoring the erased components using a combination of 3D scanning and modeling.

Our videography company combined narrated 2D and 3D animations with real footage and a professional actress, making these videos educational, entertaining, and innovative.

The Result

Our 3D animation company created two professional ten-minute videos within just four weeks. The videos were shown by Master Flo’s representatives at the Expo, attracting the interest and attention of their booth visitors. As a result, Master Flo’s booth had high visitor engagement and interaction, driving more interest to the company’s products.

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3D Animation Videos Created by LA NPDT, Digital Video Production Company

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