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    3D Animation Services for Oil and Gas Company by LA NPDT

    3D Animation Service and Website Design - Spartan Quality Assurance

    Spartan QA


    Spartan Quality Assurance is a company located in Lafayette, LA that provides non-destructive testing (NDT) using the most advanced techniques and equipment.


    Spartan Quality Assurance approached us for 3D product animation services. Our 3D product animation company was challenged with creating an explainer animation about ACFM technology-based service. The challenges included: 1) small amount of visuals that were available to us; 2) we needed to make the animation less for educational purposes, but more for sales and marketing; 3) the animation required technical expertise in the field.


    Since we have in-house engineers with expertise in fatigue cracks and non-destructive testing, as well as manufacturing and oil & gas industry experience, we were able to do what a typical animation design studio wouldn’t be able to do – we conveyed the technology in simple terms while presenting it from marketing and business standpoint. In other words, we knew how the technology worked and why it was superior to the conventional NDT methods. Our expertise helped to present benefits Oil & Gas businesses would get from working with Spartan. We achieved that through our 3D animation service.


    The 3D product animation services provided by LA NPDT served as a foundation for the development of other marketing materials for the ACFM-based NDT service. With the animation and the website from our 3D product animation company, Spartan Quality Assurance was able to start approaching their potential customers offering them accurate inspections & quality assurance, with modern technology applied for a better piece of mind.

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