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3D Printing Service – OnTime Wildlife Feeders


On-Time Wildlife Feeders, a family owned business that creates a wide variety of deer feeder products.


To produce a 3D printed prototype of the cover of one of their new electronic products.


Before 3D printing, our team of engineers reviewed the design for possible flaws or potential issues. We identified a couple of areas for improvement and corrected the 3D model to achieve better results with 3D printing and to make mass production more streamlined. We used SLA 3D printing technoogy to create the first prototype of the cover out of hard resin material. After printing, we assembled and tested the prototype.

The Result

By 3D printing a prototype of their electronics enclosure On-Time Wildlife Feeders was able to save time and money on correcting the design issues after creating injection molding tooling. The company was also able to present their newest product at a trade show and receive orders even before the product was produced via injection molding.

If you have a new product entering your line up, contact us to learn how we can not only create a prototype of it, but also improve the design before you move it to mass production.

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