3D Renderings and Animation – Multi-Dispenser Fridge

3D Renderings and Animation – Multi-Dispenser Fridge


Stillwater Dispensers LLC is a company located in Garland, TX developing innovative solutions for home appliances.


We met the owner of the company at the expo for product developers. The company presented their patented idea of a fridge having multiple ice and water dispensers. Their goal is to license the idea to a fridge manufacturer. Therefore, the client presented us with the challenge of creating attention-grabbing marketing materials using 3D modeling and rendering services that would clearly present the idea.


We started the project with 3D modeling and CAD services by creating a 3D model of the invention disclosed in the patent. Next, we developed photo-realistic 3D product renderings of the product itself. Our team also created 3D product renderings illustrating the product in the environment it is going to be used. At the next stage, we’ve designed a one-page brochure (sell sheet) outlining the key benefits of the product. Finally, we created a 3D explainer animation demonstrating the product in use. Currently, we are working on the landing page development that would contain all the visual materials. Stay tuned for the update.

The Result

Our team’s 3D modeling and rendering services provided the client the necessary items to start a dialog with potential licensees. The multi-dispenser fridge is currently available for licensing. For more information on our 3D modeling and CAD services contact our team or the product owner directly. The contact information of the owner is provided on the sell sheet below.



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