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Cognac Glass 3D Rendering and Animation


Providing 3D CAD product rendering services in the USA depicting a glass filled with cognac. Caustics is a bunch of light rays reflected or retracted by a curved, often transparent surface, that indirectly illuminates other surfaces with focused light patterns. Accurate 3D CAD rendering services of caustics is one of the most challenging tasks in computer graphics. Only the most up to date rendering systems can accomplish that. 3D rendering caustics is typically employed for accurate visual representation from a physical point of view.


We used one of the best software on the market and had to adjust many settings in order to achieve a realistic representation of the cognac glass. We started with increasing the number of ray bounces allowing the light to penetrate through dark cognac volume. We added a ground plane to create a surface for the light rays to be thrown on. We then changed the environment to a custom HDR to get a higher contrast, provide a bright light source, and to achieve the desired highlights, shadows, and reflections. The animation consisted of 125 3D renderings. In order to reduce the time to render all the images we reduced the level of caustics details. Twenty-two hours later we’ve got the five seconds long animation you can now enjoy. We learned a lot working on this project and now feel that LA NPDT is more positioned and ready for creating high-quality 3D CAD product rendering services in the USA for its customers.

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