3D Product Renderings for Hardware Resources

3D Product Renderings for Hardware Resources


Shreveport, Louisiana based company Hardware Resources specializes in home improvement products for the kitchen, bathroom, closet, and more. They partnered with LA NPDT’s 3D rendering company to produce product renderings of its kitchen organizers and cabinets, which would be used in its marketing materials, such as its website or magazine advertisements.


Hardware Resources sell their products to companies who design and construct custom cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms. Therefore, the main challenge of this project for a 3D rendering company was to make the viewer imagine the product in a house they might be improving.

To do this, we had to create photorealistic interior design renderings. The lighting and textures we created with computer-aided design (CAD) models had to appear as they might in a real kitchen.


For a 3D rendering company to produce an accurate depiction of a real product, we first needed to gain an understanding of that product’s real-life attributes. We did so by interacting with the real products and material samples in person at Hardware Resources’ manufacturing facility.

Hardware Resources also provided technical drawings of their products and images from their catalog. We used all of this information to determine the correct colors, textures, and proportions for the renderings we created.

Then, with 3D rendering services and CAD modeling, we produced interior design renderings of different products in a realistic kitchen setting.

The Result

Because they chose to partner with our 3D rendering company, Hardware Resources obtained high-quality product renderings for their website to showcase their products and illustrate how they would look in a real kitchen.

Investing in outside 3D rendering services saved them close to $50,000 and weeks of time they would have otherwise spent building a kitchen and installing their products to obtain marketing images using traditional photography.

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