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    Fashionit is a tech accessories designer that specializes in fashion products. They partnered with LA NPDT to create a holder for their large and small U Speaker products.

    The accessory design of the U Speaker Holder would be similar to a keychain, securely hooking a speaker onto a purse, backpack, or bike.

    We also created 3D renderings for Fashionit’s marketing materials.

    Accessories Designer, Accessory Design, Tech Design, U Speaker Holder, LA New Product Development Team


    Accessories Designer, Accessory Design, Tech Design, U Speaker Holder, LA New Product Development Team

    There were several challenging aspects of this project for an accessories designer. The U Speaker Holder needed to be made in one piece to ensure inexpensive manufacturing.

    Another challenge of this tech design was the necessity of making it easy for a consumer to insert the U Speaker into its holder while at the same time keeping the holder’s fit snug so that it securely held the speaker in place.

    Throughout the entire process of tech design, we also had to consider the aesthetic appeal of the material. We wanted to make it possible to add decorative designs to the holder later in development.

    Regarding Fashionit’s marketing materials, the challenge was to create renderings that would replicate the real features and “look” of the U Speaker Holder.

    At the same time, we had to consider that these renderings would need to appear in several different settings, such as the product’s packaging and Fashionit’s website.


    To address the ways we were challenged as an accessories designer, we used 3D printing to rapidly print and test prototypes, using flexible material that would allow the U Speaker to be inserted easily and held in place securely.

    Through prototyping and testing, we also found silicone to be an ideal material for the desired texture and the possibility of adding designs to the product.

    At the end of this process, we connected Fashionit to a manufacturer, with whom we worked to ensure optimization for easy and inexpensive manufacturing of quality products.

    The challenges the renderings presented for our tech design company were easily solved because we had already been involved in the development of the U Speaker Holder for some time and had gained a thorough understanding of the product.

    With our 3D modeling services, we produced images that portrayed the product as it would appear in real life.


    By choosing a single accessories designer to create the design, prototypes, and marketing materials for their product, Fashionit saved time and money they would have otherwise spent reiterating their vision for their product for different teams from multiple businesses.

    With LA NPDT’s accessory design services, they gained a high-quality, profitable product and the materials they needed to publicize it.

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