Apollo 11 Commemorative Multi-tool

    Apollo 11 Commemorative Multi-tool – Industrial Design, Product Prototype

    Apollo 11 Souvenir Functional Prototype Omega Pen, LA New Product Development Team



    ADVANCED DESIGNS INC. (ADI) approached us when they came up with an idea of a commemorative souvenir for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission.

    The company wanted to design an item in celebration of the first men on the moon. ADI team envisioned something that didn’t just reference Apollo 11 spaceship’s features but also had a set of functions that would make the multi-tool useful for certain applications.

    Apollo 11 Souvenir Functional Prototype Omega Pen, LA New Product Development Team


    Apollo 11 Souvenir Functional Prototype Omega Pen, LA New Product Development Team

    The main challenge with this project was finding a balance between designing a souvenir and a practical multi-tool. In other words, we needed to develop a product that would look like a gift item but could be used daily without sacrificing functionality or comfort.

    We also needed to incorporate several tools and features, while keeping the cost of manufacturing below the level set by the customer.


    During the discovery stage our industrial designers experimented with different shapes and features, and after a few concepts, decided to use Apollo 11 Saturn V spacecraft as a basis for the design of the multi-tool. In particular, they referenced some features of the Command Module “Columbia” and the propulsion system of the Apollo 11.

    Per our customer’s requirements and for muti-tool’s functionality we included a Fisher Space Pen cartridge that allows writing in all directions, under water, and even in space. We also integrated an LED flashlight and a watch band tool that could be replaced with a screwdriver or other tools. To improve the tactility of the pen housing, three rubber grips were added to the tip of the pen.

    Once we finished the design, we built a functional prototype using a few different 3D printers. After several design-prototype iterations we finalized the design and prepared it for mass production.


    The design our team created satisfied all the criteria the customer provided in the beginning of the project.

    Thanks to the functional prototypes we built, the marketing team of the company was able to quickly test the multi-tool and demonstrate it to their partners and potential customers.

    Due to our expertise in plastic injection molding, the customer was able to enjoy the cost of manufacturing below the initial requirement.

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