Architectural Renderings of the Horseshoe Bossier City Hotel and Casino

    Architectural Rendering Company by LA New Product Development Team

    Architectural Renderings by LA NPDT - Horseshoe Bossier City Hotel and Casino



    Living in Bossier City we enjoy visiting and simply driving by the Horseshoe Hotel and Casino. Our exterior architectural rendering company found that there is a very limited number of pictures of the Casino available that would display the beauty of the building without exposing the not-so-beautiful surroundings. We decided to change the situation. Through employment of computer graphics we decided to create stunning photo-realistic architectural renderings.


    The best exterior architectural rendering companies use advanced 3D modeling software. We first created a rough 3D model of the building without applying any textures. Through several design iterations we refined the model and added all the details and features. At the next step we created and added textures to the 3D model. The last step was setting up the scenes with additional objects and details. The skyline scene is probably our favorite one. In total we made four 3D renderings of the casino from 4 different perspectives. In our opinion they look rather cool.

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