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    Swimrun Australia Award Designed by LA New Product Development Team



    SWIMRUN AUSTRALIA, a multi-stage swimming and running competition organizer.


    To design an award that could be cut out of metal sheet using laser cutter.


    The customer had a rough idea of a vision for a new sports trophy design. Based on his information and requirements we came up with the sports trophy design shown on the slideshow. It is simple yet satisfies customer’s requirements and reflects the region and the race course of the competition, as well as the name of the event. After we came up with a CAD drawing we created several 3D renderings to deliver better visual demonstration of how the future award will look like.


    We were glad to participate in this unusual project and were proud SWIMRUN AUSTRALIA chose us over thousands of other companies to design their awards. The customer was completely satisfied with our design and will use the CAD files we provided to manufacture the awards in Australia. We hope the winners of the competition will love our design too

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