BARS Automated Pizza Cooking Machine – Large Scale Rapid Prototyping

    BARS Automated Pizza Cooking Machine

    Bars Automated Pizza Cooking Machine Large Scale Rapid Prototyping

    Pizza Machine


    BARS Inc. specializes in the development of automated restaurant solutions and equipment. They approached our product design and development agency with an idea of a pizza cooking and vending machine that would operate automatically. The concept entailed that as customers placed an order using a touch screen, the pizza would be assembled by the programmed system, cooked within minutes, and be ready for pick up. To realize this idea, the company required our automated systems design and large scale rapid prototyping services.


    The project as a whole implied building a 6 feet wide, 7 feet tall and 20 feet-long prototype from scratch. The automated systems design would include designing mechanical and electrical systems, as well as software and firmware. We also needed to 3D print plastic parts, produce all the metal parts and electronic components. We then would need to connect all the mechanisms together, program the system, and make sure it worked as intended.  

    But before our team could get into the large scale rapid prototyping phase, we needed to develop a product concept. It was necessary not only for the product development, but in order to present the idea to investors and raise funds for the implementation of this next stage.  


    Based on the client’s vision of how the machine should perform and look like, we designed the concept. And after our client received the funding necessary, we initiated a full-on development process. The in-house engineers of our product design and development agency started the automated systems design with developing a mechanical part of it first. It consisted of the fridge, the convection oven, the warmer, the lid placing machine, and the conveyors. The latter connected all the operating units into a line, making them work as a single mechanism.

    Once that was done, we set to complete the electronics. The process consisted of selecting all the components, designing the electrical schematic, and programming the PLC, as well as the admin and customer side of the operation control. After that we moved to building a prototype. Applying our large scale rapid prototyping expertise, we assembled the system, tested and calibrated it until we achieved the desired operational efficiency.


    By being the technical hand of the BARS Inc, we helped them turn their vision into a product. Acting as their CTO, we supported the client during the fundraising pitches. Explaining how the machine would work and be made, we provided investors with the proof that this product idea was technically feasible. It made them confident that the project could be executed. And most importantly, that people in the team had the expertise to pull it off. Thanks to our collaborative effort, the client has successfully secured $300,000 in funding. It enabled them to proceed with the large scale rapid prototyping stage.

    The partnership with our product design and development agency provided our client with one-stop shop product development service their project required. It allowed them to keep the machine in one place while both the mechanical and the electronics parts of the automated systems design were being developed and produced. It’s uncommon to have the capabilities for building a large size prototype under one roof. But our cross-functional team has all the resources and technical means at hand. And it enabled our customer to cut the unnecessary expenses and time for assembling a team, as well as sourcing materials and components on their own. The prototype was featured in several magazines, newspapers, and other media.




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