BNI Lagniappe Chapter Promo Video

BNI Lagniappe Chapter Promo Video


The Lagniappe chapter of BNI based in Shreveport, LA is a group of professionals who collaborate with each other to create beneficial relationships.


Our challenge was portraying the group’s numerous benefits in an effective manner. We also needed to capture the true essence and spirit of the group’s meetings. On top of these two tasks we also needed to differentiate this group from other professional networking groups in the area.


To illustrate the benefits of the group we developed a plot that compares and contrasts a non-BNI member and a BNI member. This was not only effective but also gave us a chance to introduce some humor in the video. To capture the true spirit of the Lagniappe group we chose to film a real meeting. This allowed us to capture tthe great way the group members interact with one another. Thanks to the cooperation of the members and our production crew were able to work efficiently.

The Result

The video created is now being used by the Lagniappe chapter to recruit new members through social media and other online channels. To join this group in Shreveport, LA use this link. For additional info contact our team using this link.


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