ChaBlalKer – Kids’ Toy

ChaBlalKer – Kids’ Toy


Thomas Walker is a toy creator and inventor who has worked for a long time on his vision. He conceived an entertaining toy, known as the ChaBlalker toy, that helps develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills.


LA NPDT was given the task to take Mr. Walker’s original concepts and designs, accumulated over the past years, to the next level. Our team of experts were tasked to optimize the prototype, make it ready for manufacturing, and improve its branding. Beyond prototyping, our team needed to create a logo and help to secure his product’s identity through the creation of a modern website.


Considering all the details provided by Mr. Walker, from his initial concepts to his hand-made prototypes, we were able to make design modifications that retained its functionality and appeal while improving is manufacturability. On a fast-paced deadline, we took the creator’s vision and brought it to reality. We quickly produced a professional logo, business identity, and an online presence represented by a high-quality website. We turned his product into a unique, recognizable toy for all the children to enjoy.

The Result

LA NPDT delivered an optimized, functional prototype. The Chablalker now carries a charisma that sets it apart from other childrens’ brands. Now, with the complete package, Mr. Walker is ready to begin producing his invention.


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