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UV-Clean: Video Game and Remote Controller Sanitization


Brandon Townsdin, a product developer and an entrepreneur.


To turn a written product concept description into a cleaning product design for a UV cleaning device and then produce photo-realistic renderings and drawings for a patent application for a UV light cleaning machine.


We started with carefully reviewing and analyzing the concept description. The customer provided us with several references that helped our team to understand the design requirements for a UV cleaning device and the vision of the customer better. During the product design stage, we took into account the dimensions, the materials, and the approximate locations and the sizes of the electronic components. After just a couple iterations, the current design was achieved.

The Result

The 3D model conveyed our customer’s vision of the cleaning product design, the renderings allowed him to create a sell sheet to start approaching potential licensees, and the 2D drawings were used for a patent application. The UV-Clean light cleaning machine are currently available for licensing. For additional info contact our team using this link or the product owner directly using the contact info provided in the sell sheets.



Brandon Townsdin Testimonial for LA NPDT

Brandon Townsdin Testimonial for LA NPDT

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