UV Water Sterilizer – Electronics Prototyping

UV Water Sterilizer – Electronics Prototyping


Thomas Davis, inventor and entrepreneur with a vision to create a simpler, alternative way of purifying water.


Mr. Davis presented us with the challenge to design and build a device that utilizes UV light as a means for purifying water. He needed a company that makes prototypes, which meant that we had to incorporate electronics prototyping into the product development procedure. There were several areas of concern for the electronic design solution, like how we would fit all the electronic components into the lid and ensuring that the space for the electronics was waterproof. Additional challenges resulted from the need for custom electronics; we needed to address how we could minimize the space taken by the electronics without loss of functionality.


After reviewing the details of Mr. Davis’ project, particularly the patent information and the product sketches, revisions were made to improve the viability of the original design. These revisions served to create a practical means for producing a prototype that is both functional and aesthetic.

Our team of engineers developed an electronic design solution while our 3D printing department addressed parts and assembly, making sure that everything fits and looks good. Within a short period of time, a fully-functional prototype was produced that had features, including a durable UV light source, an alert for when the device needs maintenance (i.e., filter cleaning, bulb replacement), a charging port that allows the device to be charged via a standard 110 V outlet, and waterproofed lid for protecting the electronics. Mr. Davis’ custom PCB prototype is now fully able to purify water via UV light, easily eliminating bacteria and impurities.

The Result

LA NPDT delivered a fully functional prototype, demonstrating what makes us one of the best companies that make prototypes in town.

Mr. Davis has the vision to make people’s lives better and healthier. And, with his new functional prototype, he is now ready to show his concept to the world. Now, with the press of a button, cleaner and healthier water can be available to anyone.

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